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July 31, 1909 – 111 years ago

The local lighting company is again furnishing patrons with Snow Mountain juice.

At the temperance election held in a number of precincts in Mendocino County last Tuesday, the Ukiah Times gives the results as follows: Mendocino City went dry by 27 majority; Caspar dry by 32 majority; Noyo dry by 28 majority; Cleone, tie; Jackson, Long Valley and Cottoneva went wet.

Golden Gate Orphanage, Lytton: Don’t forget us when you are drying your fruit. It takes five tons to run us every year. Money is scare. Whatever you can give us in dried fruit will be a great help. Notify us and we will arrange to get it here in large or small quantities. We have about 185 children and more coming. We would also call for fresh fruit, if not too far away. Yours respectfully, C. W. Bourne, Major

July 30, 1961 – 50 years ago

The number of school districts in Sonoma County has decreased an average of three a year over the past 28 years through consolidation. Districts in operation for 1959-1960 will total 59. In 1931-32 there were 141 districts in this county.

Two new lumber plants in Cloverdale are now in production. They are KVV-California Mills and the Cloverdale Division of Sonoma Wood Products. Both plants occupy sites formerly owned by Cloverdale Redwood Company. The cost of the new KVV plant was approximately $750,000, and it will eventually employ 130 men with a payroll of about $800,000. The company manufactures interior and exterior plywood. The plant will have a production capacity of 48 million board feet annually. Sonoma Wood Products expects to employ 70 men within the near future. It is a remanufacturing plant producing redwood, fir and sugar pine products. Its potential production is about two and a half million board feet per month.


August 1, 1936 – 25 years ago

Nearly one year after the August blaze, Sciaini Hardware will be restored. Sciaini Hardware, one of Cloverdale’s leading retail Hardware, has been in the same location for 22 years, which was previously a tire shop and garage. After purchasing the building, Mr. Sciani renovated the front half and added a large rear warehouse, the walls of which remained intact after the fire. Former Sciaini Hardware customers daily inquire as to the opening date, and offer assistance to help accelerate the progress.

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