The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

August 21, 1909 – 110 years ago

Construction will shortly begin on a new hotel building to replace the Orange City Hotel, recently destroyed by fire. The new hotel will be a reinforced concrete structure containing not less than sixty-five rooms. The new Orange City is to be a modern structure in every way and will be a credit to the town. A wooden building, 36-by-100, will be erected at the rear of the site for the concrete building. This building will be two stories in height and is to provide accommodations until the concrete structure is ready for occupancy.

August 14, 1969 – 50 years ago

Vandalism was discovered on the upper level of the Cloverdale Cemetery. This is the oldest portion of the cemetery, which is laid out on a hillside in three levels, and is where some of the pioneers of the area are buried. Approximately 75 headstones were toppled and one of the headstones which was shattered bore the date January 10, 1865. The city is not liable for damage and is not responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery since it does not have perpetual care. Cloverdale police have tripled their patrol of the area in the vicinity of the cemetery.

Northern California trout fishermen are finding warming waters and fewer fish on most upper state watersheds, PG&E Stream Scouts report. Trout are lurking in deep water. Scouts say “Be sure to extinguish all camp fires.

August 17, 1994 – 25 years ago

Cloverdale are residents and businesses will receive a four page survey asking for public comment on a proposed Cloverdale Transportation Center. The Center is to be located adjacent to the recently completed Cloverdale Bypass section of Highway 101 (Downtown) at the corner of Asti Road and Citrus Fair Drive. Among its transportation related features, the new facility proposes to feature a 70 space park and ride lot, bus stops for Cloverdale Transit, Santa Rosa Airporter, Amtrak Feeder Bus and Greyhound Lines. The facility will also serve as a rail station in the advent that passenger rail service is introduced along the Northwestern Pacific right-of-way in the future. The facility will also contain bicycle lockers and will be linked to nearby bicycle lands. Several other uses are being considered, such as a telecommuting office and electric auto recharging station. Sonoma County transit is managing this project.

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Cloverdale Transportation Center:"

And here we are 25 years later waiting for the train to ocme!

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