The Sedgley family, July 5, 1906

The Sedgley family, July 5, 1906

November 11, 1905 – 112 years ago

Surveyors of the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway are running lines and driving stakes along the bank of Petaluma Creek, marking out a route for the Point San Pedro extension. As yet, which route it will leave the town is not known.

The Pacific Methodist College in Santa Rosa is to be reopened. The college has been closed for the past three or four years, and since the school was suspended the property has been standing idle. In former years the institution was a very flourishing school, and at one time there were nearly 300 students attending it. It is probable that the board will not be able to get affairs in shape to open the school before the first of next August, in the meantime they will go to work and make the necessary improvements.

November 2, 1967 – 50 years ago

A combination of grapes, blackbirds and a power line got together last Wednesday to cut off electrical power briefly in the Cloverdale area. The grape fields along River Road apparently invited the blackbirds, and a Pacific Gas and Electric Company power line proved to be an added attraction, which shorted out the power line. The short caused a flash that was seen for a considerable distance. Casualties included at least four blackbirds.

“Short Stack” by the editor

There may really be nothing to it, but there’s a rumor going around after the recent nationwide demonstrations that Boston Tea Party was originated by a bunch of students from the University of California Berkeley

They say a reckless driver drives like he owns the road, which a careful driver drives like he owns his car.

Maybe the reason that people have their names printed on letterheads is that too often it’s impossible to read their signatures.

November 4, 1992 – 25 years ago

The City of Cloverdale held a groundbreaking ceremony at the 1st Street overpass to mark the commencement of the final phase of the Cloverdale Bypass construction. Cloverdale Mayor Tom Sink gave the first speech, stating he had waited 33 years to see the bypass come this far. The bypass is the number one issue in Cloverdale. The bypass is set for completion in 1995. The 1st Street overpass was the first part of the bypass to be completed.

A long awaited project to construct hangars at the Cloverdale Airport was approved by the city council. The proposal presented consists of construction of 33 hangers to be built in three phases. The hangars will be sold to individuals who, in turn, will pay a ground lease to the city. The proposal also includes paving in accordance with the Airport Master Plan.

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