Letters to the Editor

Local girl makes good bread

EDITOR: Kacie Camilli is the bread maker and pastry chef at the Trading Post here in Cloverdale. The bread is excellent as well as all of her pastries. Kacie has established herself well working in restaurants from San Francisco to here in Cloverdale. She's learned from the best.

Check out her baked goods at the Trading Post. You won't be disappointed. It's a special treat. Great job, Kacie.

Kathy Stipanov


About the vandals

EDITOR: First, thank you to all my friends and well wishers who sent cards after my recent accident. My foot is in the “shop” and I’ll be back on my scooter soon.

Marcia (Graham, she’s typing this) read me the article “FLAGS: The newest onslaught in downtown vandalism.” That blew my cork. What’s the matter with people? Don’t they have anything better to do?

Could the vandals be the same people who supported “Genuinely Cloverdale” as the town slogan, which got dumped? Personally I was very fond of Genuinely Cloverdale, also the picture that went with it of hands holding a bunch of potatoes and dirt. To me, that’s Genuinely Cloverdale my hometown (my great-great grandfather E. Bundt-Schmidt opened the first mortuary/livery stable/geysers tours.”

I know I’m old (don’t ask: 95), but what’s the world coming to? Call me anytime before 6 p.m., Marcia will bring me the phone. 

Charlotte Heston


Watching the news out of Gilroy

EDITOR: I’m watching this horrific news about the Gilrory Garlic Festival and I’m thinking this is too close to home and getting closer.

I don’t know who died or were injured but I’m taking pause on going to a big venue again.

We have a big venue each week here in Cloverdale and every night of the week in Sonoma County. So the question is, do we hide in our homes or do we celebrate summer? I personally would like to celebrate without fear. I say to whoever continues to terrorize, we’re strong, you are weak.

Cherie Kelsay


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