Letters to the editor

The fault with all-electric

EDITOR: There are numerous organizations dedicated to telling California homeowners what to buy. The California Energy Commission (CEC) is one such organization, propelled by climate activists fixated on a single agenda item – to take away all natural gas appliances, no matter the cost.

Natural gas, once the darling of environmentalists for its clean-burning attributes was used, for example, to power busses and state vehicles as an example for improving air quality in the transportation sector. “The champagne of hydrocarbons” has fallen on hard times. Now, natural gas is out of favor with environmentalists. In fact, methane has become the latest pariah in growing list of what’s wrong with the world. Within the Golden State, the easiest target is homeowners, who can be forced to abandon their natural gas appliances by making them illegal via state decree.

The rationale for all-electric residences is based on numerous faulty assumptions, consistent with a poor rationale included in the state’s AB5 law banning freelance work. The latter law hits workers’ pocketbooks immediately, hence the outcry to repeal AB5 and the subsequent political favor being curried to union members (e.g. truckers) to carve out exemptions for them. The former law, rooted in building reach codes is all but invisible to most homeowners, hence the lack of a backlash to date. Another difference: the state hasn’t banned the truckers’ dirty diesel engines, yet bans “clean burning” natural gas for new homeowners.

Cooked up in backrooms and presented in PowerPoint charts touting confusing climate change models, coupled with misleading and erroneous Q & As, the hammer has fallen on unsuspecting homeowners. Ouch!

Robert Koslowsky


Entertain your sweet tooth

EDITOR: Happy Valentine’s Day from the Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale. See’s Candy sales are one of the ways we support our kids and our community with doing the things that Kiwanis does best.

I know you have a sweet tooth! You can purchase at the Mail Center on North Cloverdale Boulevard or give me a call 707-238-2147.

Thank you for your support.

Laurie Kneeland

Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale


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