Letters to the Editor

Huge thank you to the Cloverdale community

EDITOR: A heartfelt “thanks” to the community of Cloverdale who generously donated to two very important causes: the Camp Fire Relief Fund and the Wreaths Across American program.

It is with your assistance that the Cloverdale American Legion Post 293 sent over $1,000 to the victims of the Camp Fire, to provide relief of immediate needs. In addition, with your generosity, the Sons of the American Legion placed wreaths on all of the Cloverdale veterans’ graves in the Cloverdale Cemetery. We could not do our work, supporting veterans, without your help. A peaceful 2019 to the community.

Sandy Kelly, Commander

American Legion Post 293


Why so happy?

EDITOR: Would like to know why as a newspaper you only allow letters to the editor or opinions to be happy and noncontroversial letters. Unfortunately this is not always a happy, carefree world we live in today and the City of Cloverdale certainly has its share.

Let’s start with the big shake up of the police department a few years back, when nobody including the city council knew why — that’s a complete fabrication. I’m sure even the Cloverdale Reveille knew that several officers were under federal indictment for not arresting or even filing charges against the body shop owner for severely beating a man to the point of surgery for allegedly robbing them, and he didn’t. What’s wrong with your so-called paper?

Brenda Wirtz



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And they wonder why they are going broke !!

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