Letters to the Editor

Thank you from the Lions

EDITOR: The Cloverdale Lions Club would like to thank the many people that attended our annual Fireworks display held on John Allen Memorial Football Field at Cloverdale High School. There were approximately 2,500 to 3,000 in attendance enjoying the show.  The Lions Club would also like to thank all those that donated to help cover the cost of this patriotic display. As you can imagine, no club could do this alone. We are dependent upon contributions from citizens of our small community to help defray the cost. At this time, we are still short covering the cost of the display for 2019. We will accept donations from individuals and businesses alike. If you are able to contribute to this, please mail your check to the Cloverdale Lions Club, PO Box 763, Cloverdale, CA 95425. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Lion Chuck Sibert, Chairman

Lion Tex Dickens, Co-Chairman

Cloverdale Lions Club

Trump’s economy

EDITOR: In a recent issue, the editorial had the usual Trump dump — this time about the economy. You suggested that in looking around you saw no improvement. Have you considered that perhaps because we live in Sonoma County, Bay Area, California where cost of living, home prices, etc. are ridiculously high that it is very difficult for the average person/family to make ends meet? We travel across the U.S. and see signs of prosperity everywhere else. Trump has numbers to back him up so perhaps an economy that is not up to snuff is a more local phenomena?

Reny Parker


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