Letters to the Editor

Thank you to our 2019 appeal donors

EDITOR: Cloverdale Performing Arts Center was created with the unwavering commitment of a group of forward-thinking residents who wanted to re-energize their town, hit by a nationwide economic downturn. The result — in 2010 Cloverdale proudly cut the ribbon on a performing arts center with seating for 99 and acoustics that are second to none in Sonoma County.

For the first time in several years CPAC reached out for financial help with ongoing operating costs. We are tremendously encouraged and inspired by your response, especially as we realize how many worthy causes this generous community supports.

We are so very proud to be one of your flagship arts organizations and your response to this 2019 appeal will allow us to continue the legacy of the grassroot founders.  our donations allow us to stay in business — bringing diverse, engaging theatrical and musical events right here in our wonderful town. And, together we can encourage Sonoma County’s impressive performing artists and nurture those young artists waiting in the wings to entertain and move us.

What can we say? Thank you and gracias!

Board of Directors, staff and volunteers

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

Joining the conversation

EDITOR: You have asked us to “join the conversation,” so I have decided to help you out.

First of all, when you bought the Reveille, it was stated that you would not change it. Well you did change it and it was no longer the Cloverdale Reveille. You have made the format exactly identical to the Healdsburg Tribune. We get more news and pictures from Healdsburg than we do from Cloverdale.

You have made the cost of putting an obituary in the paper cost prohibitive. You take advantage of a grieving family and “stick it to them.” Consequently most people can’t afford to announce the death of a loved one and that is not acceptable.

We pay for a hard copy of the paper every week and some of us have paid for it for many, many years. Now every so often we see, under an article or a photo, the words, “more pictures online.” Excuse me, but many older folks don’t do much, if anything, online. We buy the paper to see the photos along with the actual news articles.

Not changed? Well that’s a misnomer. The Reveille was changed and changed a lot, and not to the good.

Two photos here and there of events here in Cloverdale are really few compared to what we used to see. I am not a subscriber, but I do buy the paper every single week and have done so for over 50 years. I’d just like to see more pictures, in the actual paper, more articles of what’s happening here in town and the bottom line is, give us our paper back.

Carolyn Ramos


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