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Happy Mother’s Day, from Kiwanis

EDITOR: This Sunday marks the first time in the history of the Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale that we haven’t been able to celebrate Mother’s Day with the citizens of this town. It has been our tradition to sponsor an annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. We’ve served pancakes, eggs, ham and more, including giving each mother a carnation as they enter.

The money raised has been used to provide scholarships for deserving, graduating seniors at CHS.

(Just for the record, despite the fact that there is no income from the event this year, the Kiwanis have participated in other fundraising efforts, and are still giving out $8000 in scholarships to students from the Class of 2020.) But, the intent of this letter is really to say, in the only way we are allowed to do so this year, “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the wonderful women in Cloverdale who deserve to be honored by this special, once-a-year tradition! The Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale salutes each of you.

Sue Cummins

Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale


An open invitation to Cloverdale

EDITOR: On behalf of the Cloverdale Historical Society I'd like to invite interested participants to forward the thoughts and feelings that they are experiencing during this rapidly changing environment to the museum's web page or mailed to its physical address so that we may gather and chronicle this important period of history for future generations.

The Historical Society is the keeper of the city’s past as well as present, and these stories will join the many others we have at the museum to help continue to weave the fabric of our wonderful city. They will also help others in the future, if we ever have to live through anything like this again.

On another note, once we get through this and the all clear is given, I invite you all to stroll through the museum's garden. Maintained by the Green Thumb Garden Club, the site is exploding with vibrant colors and energy, reinforcing the fact that no matter what, we will all get through this together.

Robert Redner

Historical Society President


Thank you, board applicants

EDITOR: As a Cloverdale parent, I want to thank the five people who offered themselves up for consideration to fill the vacant school board position. It is heartening in these uncertain times to see so many are civic minded and generous on behalf of our students, teachers and community. 

For those not selected and for those who thought about it but, for whatever reason, didn't submit their names, there will be other opportunities. Stay involved. Cloverdale is healthier and more resilient because of you. Thank you.

Joanne Parker


Community input on fireworks

Many members in our community are concerned with the subcommittee discussion/recommendation of eliminating our local fireworks.

Why wasn't the City Fire Liaison Committee/Fire Department consulted during this discussion? The Cloverdale Fire Department has answers to frequently asked questions regarding fireworks. This recommendation is not being decided on facts, but appears to be decided on personal agenda.   

Not only is this detrimental to our community because of the overall history and tradition of the show and the joy it brings our community to show such patriotism, but this decision affects our children's fundraising put on by the Lions Club. Approximately 30% of The Lions Club donation money comes from this fundraiser alone.

 There is a high social economic disparity in our community. The Lions Club helps bridge that gap with their contributions. If you take the biggest fundraiser of the year away, then you are hitting our community hard.  

The beauty of this community is that we care. We come together to get community input but that doesn't seem to be the case in this situation.

Our community needs events that will bring us together. This is the biggest event in Cloverdale, a time for us to gather and share the spirit of our freedom!

Over the last 22 years there has not been one fire in Cloverdale from safe fireworks. Not one structure lost from safe fireworks. Prematurely banning fireworks in our community will cause an influx of illegal fireworks. 

Let's not try and make this a permanent solution for a temporary issue (COVID-19) this is a premature decision. Social gathering is a temporary concern,  COVID-19 will pass and we will prevail as a community. 

I urge our elected city officials to make a public statement to assure our community that you will not make a final decision without community input.

Angela Cordova



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