Olive Felton

Olive Felton

Olive is the unbearably sweet 5-year-old neighbor of my in-laws, and like many 5-year-olds, she can talk up a storm.

She lives with her mom, dad, and little sister and among other animals, her three chickens. The COVID crisis and recent fires have weighed heavily on many of us, … but not on all of us. 

I sat on a big swing in Olive’s large backyard to hear what she had to say.

Where and when were you born, Olive?

In a hospital, down there (she points off to the east). (Father Jesse suggests it was in Menlo Park in 2015.)

How many chickens do you have?


Which one is in the picture I just took of you?

That’s Marshmallow.

What grade are you in, Olive?

Kindergarten, at Gravenstein Elementary.

You told me that you connect to your kindergarten class on your iPad. Do you like going to kindergarten like that?



I like my teacher because she does a lot of art with me.

Have you actually met any of the other kids in your class?

Not yet. Only on the iPad.

Olive, do you know there’s a virus going around?


What do you think about it?

I like it because I get to stay at home and play with my chickens.

The sky is a really weird color today because of the fires that are still burning. Do the fires being sort of close to us scare you?


Okay. Good … Olive, you’re a big sister. What’s better, being the big sister, or the little sister?

The big sister, because I get to help my little sister. Her name is Samantha, but we just call her Sam.

How do you help Sam?

When she wants a chicken to cuddle, I can fetch it for her.

I see. So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

(She answers instantly) An artist.

Well good luck with that, Olive. And thanks for speaking with me.

Okay, bye. See ya later. 


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