Steve Levenberg

Steve Levenberg

The skies are clear and blue again, at least for now. The stars are back! And can you believe how bright Mars is?

I saw our neighbor Steve Levenberg taking advantage of the clean air, out pruning his garden with his wife Patty. The two of them are often seen riding their bikes, or walking through town together. You used to see Steve almost every day riding his bike down to work in Rohnert Park where he toiled as a physician, but no more. It’s now time for pruning and hanging out with grandkids. 

Steve has two daughters, three grandkids and has been married to Patty since ’81. 


Where and when were you born, Steve? 

In Santa Rosa (Memorial Hospital) in ’52. 


And how long have you guys been in Sebastopol? 

Since ’96. 


As a devoted cyclist, what do you think of Sebastopol’s new bike lanes? 

They certainly make it easier for cyclists, though it’s obviously been a challenge for traffic coming from the south. But it needs to be easier and safer for cyclists if we’re going to encourage other modes of transportation besides automobiles. 


I know that you’re an amateur magician. I’ve seen your magic, and it’s great. When did that start?

I first took magic lessons in ’96. It’s been a passion since, with only minimal progression. But I love doing it, seeing it and learning it. 


You’re a retired physician. As a medical professional, when do you think this COVID thing will pass? 

Well, we’ll need an effective vaccine with proven immunity, but realistically, maybe late next year. It’s going to take years before our social distancing can go back to pre-COVID times. 


So, this is a related question I’m asking everyone. If the FDA approved a vaccine tomorrow for the COVID-19 virus, would you go out and get it? 

Tomorrow? I’d be suspect. If it’s approved with the normal protocols and processes, I’d definitely get it. 


Steve, you and Patty have a connection with Ukraine. What’s that about? 

When we first came to Sebastopol we became involved with Sebastopol World Friends, primarily as our daughters got into middle school (Brook Haven). We became involved with exchanges with our sister city in Japan, called Yamauchi then, and now known as Taikeo. Over the years we’ve hosted students and adults from Japan and Ukraine, and have gone to both countries numerous times. 


The Sebastopol World Friends motto is “World peace, one friend at a time.” The exchanges give life to that.



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