Zoe Swid

Zoe’s shock of red/orange hair precedes her, but soon after, you are in the company of an energetic, inquisitive, young person who is taking it all in. She is the sort of young person who makes people like me who are a bit nervous about what the future holds, a bit less anxious, knowing that the world will be run by quick minds and compassionate hearts, like this one. 

Where and when were you born, Zoe?

In a baby place hospital in Israel, on April 4, 2009. 

What school do (did) you go to?

Sebastopol Charter, a public Waldorf school.

So, how’s that distance learning thing going for you?

Worse than I expected. I thought it would be easier, but it’s really harder. We’re on the computer like all the time, and we’re getting ready for middle school, so it’s just harder than I thought.

You love to read. What were the last three books you read?

Last one was “Nightjohn,” about slavery before the Civil War. Then, “Syren,” which the fifth in a series I’ve read about a wizard and his adopted sister. And I read a Spiderman graphic novel.

Does the COVID thing scare you?

No. I’m not scared of getting it. 

Do you like howling at 8 p.m. every night?


You’re already a world traveler, right?

I’ve been to Thailand; Israel, where my mom’s family lives; Sweden, where my Dad’s grandmother grew up; Germany, where my mom wasn’t allowed to sleep in a park; and Canada, for about two hours. 

Where do you want to go next?

Alaska, and Italy, and the Amazon rain forest before it’s nothing but palm oil trees. 

I hope you make it there.

Me too.

— Photo and interview by Steve Einstein

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