trail squash

As gardens begin to peak, those who grow high-yielding squash are left wondering what to do with it all. One person who lives along a trail in west county put their squash out, offering it to passersby. 


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I volunteer two days a week at the Redwood Empire Food Bank and between donations from supermarkets of produce nears its sell by date, along with donated dairy products, and smaller donations of fruits and produce from home gardeners, the refrigerator space is at capacity for the many hunger programs who come to the the RFPB. I spent most of my 3-hour shift Thursday checking mostly fruit from both sources that was getting over ripe and filling a large bin, like those used for transporting grapes and apples with multiple containers of spoiling fruit and a small amount of veggies.

The Sebastopol Interchurch Food Pantry distributes food every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning from 10am to noon, during which fruit and produce beyond what is normally places in food boxes for those who called in for help, is placed on the front porch with bags so recipients can take whatever they can use. If your fruit tree or garden is producing beyond your capacity to use, consider bringing it to the pantry during distribution hours, but please do not leave it on the porch when nobody is present, as it must be tossed because it may have been contaminated by cats, dogs, or other animals when left unattended. The Interchurch Food Pantry is operated by volunteer members of several congregations and is located at 500 Robinson Road off Bodega Avenue at the upper end of the Episcopal Church parking lot.


Food banks would welcome any excess garden produce.

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