Horse evacuees

Evacuees — There are around 115 evacuated horses being boarded at the Sonoma Horse Park through the work of Sonoma Community Animal Response Team.

Organization in need of donations and volunteers

Sonoma Community Animal Response Team (CART) has been working around the clock since the start of the Kincade Fire, helping evacuate animals and providing a space for some 115 horses at the Sonoma Horse Park off Lakeville Highway.

According to a message from the Sonoma CART Facebook page posted over the weekend, “We've been out assisting our community 24/7 since the Kincade Fire began.”

The equestrian center started taking in horses on Sunday evening, Oct. 27.

Volunteer Sonya Hollander said they set up Sunday night as space for horses at the Santa Rosa fairgrounds filled up. 

The horses are being cared for by 30 CART volunteers, who have been taking shifts. 

The group has been preparing for fire season and an event such as this for the last six months — training volunteers and getting people certified to care for animals.

Volunteer work includes feeding, mucking, refreshing water and making sure health needs are met. 

“We also get them out and about (on walks) so they can feel happy,” she said.

Hollander said it is back-breaking work, but they organized quickly and were able to set up their center. 

“People are stepping up,” she said.

She said they are in need of extra supplies, however.

“You can donate at We are definitely in need of shovels, buckets, hay and pitchforks,” Hollander said. 

She added that they are barely running with the supplies they already have.

According to the CART website, they are also in need of alfalfa hay, Teff, alfalfa pellets, Complete Pellets (equine senior stable mix), goat/sheep pellets, powdered electrolytes, salt blocks, mash and water buckets, stall shavings, tarps, garden hoses, headlamps, caution tape, white board pens, colored vests, human first aid kits, facemask, latex gloves, walkie talkies, hoof picks and more.

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