What would you like to know about West County?

Is there something you’ve been wondering about West County — something about local politics, local people or even local history — that would make a good news story? We want to hear from you.

SoCurious? — a new project from Sonoma West Publishers — invites you to be a part of the local news reporting process.

The idea is simple: You ask a question, and we track down the answer.

How it works: 

  • In the box below, ask your question: it can be something small (Who is the person that road is named after?) or something big (How are the schools spending all that money we keep giving them?) or just something a little mysterious (Why does that one parcel in the middle of town never get developed?)
  • After we’ve gotten several questions, we’ll put them up for a vote by you, our readers.
  • Our journalists will then investigate to find the answer to the chosen question — and/or any question that piques our curiosity — using multiple sources, verifiable facts and our local news archives. (We may even invite the questioner to join us in our investigations and interviews, if he or she is interested..)
  • We share the answer — in the form of an article — with our readers.

Let’s get started! Ask your question in the box below left…

If you'd like to vote on which So Curious question we should investigate next, do that in the box on the right.

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So Curious stories from around Sonoma County

So Curious: You asked, we answered: What happened to plans to expand the Sebastopol library?

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