WE TWO — Jackie Speier spoke with Michael Krasny about her book, “Undaunted,” at the Community Cultural Center’s biggest fundraiser of the year on Friday, Sept. 13.

KQED’s Michael Krasny interviewed Congresswoman Jackie Speier at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center on Sept. 13. Among the many attendees were the members of Sebastopol’s Labyrinth Book Club. What did they think of the event?

“What a fun time it was! Really fascinating too to hear Jackie Speier's experience and about her book and views on politics,” said book club member Nancy Dougherty. “I learned some new things: more about Jonestown, about Jackie Speier, the ERA and more. I feel like she is sending out a call to action. I like how she thinks about the system and change. Really a lot to think about!"

"It was such an interesting evening and so good to hear a sensible politician speak thoughtfully,” said Patricia McCabe-Price. “I look forward to reading her book, ‘Undaunted.’"


READERS — Sebastopol’s Labyrinth Book Club at the Krasny-Speier event at the Community Center last Friday. First row: Dorothy McKoin, Susan Levine. Standing, from left, are Deborah Dremel, Patti McCabe-Price, Gayle Bergmann, Jackie Speier, Suzanne Llamado, Nancy Dougherty, Julie Smith and Carol Mitchel.

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