Thirteen Reasons Why Season 3

Paramount commits to $66,000 in filming fees

Season Two of the high school drama-trauma show “13 Reasons Why” hasn’t even aired on Netflix and already Analy High School is enlisting to be the backdrop again if Season Three comes about.

The West Sonoma County Union High School District board on April 11 approved a third licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures that allows the company to film scenes at the Sebastopol High School.

Analy would again transform into Liberty High School and continue to serve as the setting for about a dozen students to figure out how they may have contributed to the gruesome suicide of the show’s main character.

The show’s first season run met with criticism of students and critics who questioned its depictions of self-harm and sexual assault, but it also was applauded for tackling prevailing issues at the high school level.

In response to audience reaction, Netflix has announced that the first episode of the second season will begin with a warning video featuring several of the show’s stars discussing how viewers can get help if they are affected by what they see. Also, Netflix is adding a crisis resources guide to its 13ReasonsWhy website and will start an after-show in which actors and educators discuss what has transpired.

Netflix has not announced when Season Two will be available for streaming. The October firestorm in Sonoma County delayed production, especially when Analy had to be used as a temporary emergency shelter for a week for fire evacuees.

Jeannie Bruneman, the high school district’s facilities manager, told the school board that “district staff reported that the filming for both seasons was overall very positive.” However, she asked the board not to immediately allocate for spending the approximately $66,000 the district expects to receive for allowing Paramount to film at Analy. Last year, the board decided to spend that money on saving video production classes that were threatened by budget cuts.

This year, production would take place later than previous years, starting in mid-June and ending by mid-December. The agreement calls for Paramount to pay the district about $66,000 for a total of 30 filming days at the campus, not including the overtime of district staff and maintenance personnel and costs of improvements.

Last year, Paramount ending up paying the district a total of about $124,000, a tally that included the rental fee, along with overtime charges and improvements associated with making Analy look like the Liberty High that the show envisioned.

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