The Barlow

HOUSING HERE? —  A sign at The Barlow, which is considering converting parts of two existing buildings — the former Foundry and the Guayaki Building — into residences.

Holds community meeting to gauge interest in residential development

On Saturday, June 29, representatives from Aldridge Development, the company that owns The Barlow, held a community meeting to discuss the potential for new residential development in and around the Barlow.

Here’s a quick Q&A about the project with The Barlow’s Vice President Justin Allamano.

How many residential units are you considering developing in The Barlow?

We are very early in the process and are engaging with the city and the community to discuss the appropriate housing density and unit types. We see The Barlow as being a great example of a live, work, play community. Our goal is to help meet the city’s need for a variety of housing types and price points and to provide a neighborhood design that helps foster and support a thriving community of residences, shop owners and patrons of The Barlow and downtown Sebastopol.

Where in the Barlow will they be located? Will they be built in existing buildings or in new buildings that you’re planning to build?

Currently, The Barlow has two large warehouse buildings that are vacant and require significant additional work before they are usable. The first building is 5,000 square feet and is located at 6790 Depot St. and commonly referred to as The Foundry. The second building is an 18,000 square foot section of the Guayaki building located at 6782 Sebastopol Ave., which fronts McKinley Street. We also have a large vacant lot off of Morris Street called The Batch Plant and a few vacant lots on Laguna Parkway. We are investigating a way to use a range of these properties to provide parking, housing and mixed-use buildings (with residential above the first floor).

Any special features you’d like readers to know about? Will the development be particularly green, for example?

Green design will support the thriving residential community we envision. Initial plans for the project include cutting-edge applications of energy efficient advanced framing techniques and recycled building materials. Some of the features for this component could include solar electric power systems, highly efficient, dimmable LED lighting systems, radiant roof barriers, low-emission windows, passive solar design, solar window shading, increased insulation and thermally wrapped building envelopes, low VOC interior finishes and recycled building materials and flooring.

Our goal for the architectural style of this project is eco-functionalism. The project will incorporate many ecologically friendly components and synthesizes them in a functional and attractive manner.

Do you have architectural specs that would help people envision what they’d look like?

We are still very early.  We hope to have more specifics later this summer.

Were residences always a part of The Barlow plan?

Residences at The Barlow have been considered at different points in the history of the project.  More recently, members of the community have reached out with support for new housing in our area, and we were encouraged to move forward with initial planning, as we are doing now.

Regarding flood control, will the new development be on raised platforms or berms?

If we move ahead, we will work closely with the city to build housing that aligns with flood control guidelines.

Where are you in the development process? Have you had a pre-planning meeting with the city, for example?

We are very early. We haven’t had a pre-planning meeting yet. Our goal is to refine our concepts and then re-engage with the community and city later this summer.

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