curb cut  project

The six-month project by Caltrans will include curb cuts, driveway cuts and a traffic light replacement. It is estimated to cost $1.5 million.

To take advantage of the reduced traffic in downtown Sebastopol due to shelter-in-place orders, and in order to minimize disruptions, Caltrans began Americans with Disablities (ADA) curb rehab work on May 4. The project is supposed to be completed by fall of this year. The concrete work will take an estimated six weeks and the work on the signals and poles will start after that.

The Caltrans project involves enhancements to numerous intersections including ADA curb ramps, curb/gutter work, sidewalk repair and driveway repairs. Two intersections will have traffic signal enhancements, which will include new signal poles and mast arms.

Caltrans will build new ramps on Main Street from Keating Avenue to Willow Street. On Petaluma Avenue, Caltrans will install new ramps from McKinley Street to Joe Rodota Trail.

The six-month project is estimated to cost $1.5 million.

Some Sebastopol intersections already have curb ramps that meet current ADA requirements and will not be upgraded. Intersections that do not have curbs that meet currents standards will be updated. Upon completion, all ramps within the project limits will meet ADA requirements.

During the first week, Caltrans outlined the contours of the curb ramps. Work crews also “potholed” at some locations in the street in preparation for repairing drainage pipes and inlets. Potholing is a means of locating underground utilities by excavation.

The week of May 11, the contractor will begin saw-cutting the perimeters of the ramps. Work will last for one to two hours at each curb. Ramps will be fully opened afterward. Caltrans will also be repairing and replacing drainage pipes in the street. 

The week of May 25, Caltrans will begin replacing curb ramps, starting at the intersection of Main Street and McKinley Street. For ease of pedestrians access, only one ramp will be closed at a time. Once an intersection is completed, Caltrans will move to the next intersection, progressing in a southeasterly direction.

Additionally, Caltrans will upgrade the traffic signals at the intersection of Bodega Avenue and Petaluma Avenue as well as the intersection of North Main Street and McKinley Street. Some driveway improvements will be made along Petaluma Avenue.

— Submitted by the city of Sebastopol and Caltrans

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Hopefully this will prevent people from parking on the sidewalk in front of Grateful Bagel.

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