Eden Winniford

Eden Winniford of Cloverdale was a 2019 winner for the 2nd District Congressional Art Competition.

On March 12, Congressman Jared Huffman announced that the 2020 Congressional Art Competition is open to all high school students in California’s Second Congressional District, which spans from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border.

The annual art contest is held by the U.S. Congress for high school students across the country.

“I am excited to announce the kickoff of our 2020 Congressional Art Competition, an opportunity for Congress to recognize and encourage the artistic talent of our high school students,” said Huffman in a statement. “I invite young artists from up and down California’s North Coast to join their peers across the nation in an opportunity to showcase their art in the U.S. Capitol Building.”

Students must submit completed works to one of Congressman Huffman’s district offices or an approved drop off location no later than Friday, April 20.

The winning artwork will be exhibited in the U.S. Capitol Building for one year alongside artwork from each Congressional District in the country. The winning student will receive two round-trip tickets to Washington, D.C., to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception for the new display in June 2020. All participants will receive a certificate of recognition.

The winner will also be eligible for a scholarship to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (upon admission acceptance).

Semi-finalist competitions will take place in each county, and a district-wide competition will select the winner of the Second District. Previous winners include: Eden Winniford of Cloverdale (2019), Jaslyn Ortiz of Cloverdale (2018) and Max Gambin of Eureka (2017).

Artwork must be two-dimensional and each piece can be no larger than 26”h x 26”w x 4”d, including frame (frame optional unless selected as winner). Artwork cannot weigh more than 15 pounds.

Artwork must be original in concept, may not violate U.S. copyright laws and must be original in medium (scanned copies are not allowed).

Acceptable media for artwork are as follows: Paintings: oil, acrylics, watercolor, etc. Drawings: pastels, colored pencil, pencil, charcoal, ink, markers. Collage: two dimensional. Prints: lithographs, silkscreen, block prints. Mixed Media: use of more than two mediums such as pencil, ink, watercolor, etc. Computer-generated art and photography.

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed student information/release form obtained from Congressman Huffman’s office or huffman.house.gov/helping-you/art-competition.

 — Submitted by Mary Hurell, Rep. Jared Huffman’s office

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