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The ER will remain open until mid-September.

Officials from the state licensing board have given notice to the hospital district that the company taking over management of Sonoma West Medical Center is not licensed to do so, pushing the start date back to an undetermined time.

The Palm Drive Health Care District Board of Directors met on Tuesday to discuss possible amendments to the ten-year agreement with American Advanced Management Group to resolve the issue, but no action was taken. The board will continue to seek resolutions and will meet again on Friday at 1 p.m.

According to Alanna Brogan, PDHCD executive director, AAMG had not received final approval to manage hospitals when PDHCD signed the agreement. AAMG had sent an application to the state to manage and were operating under the assumption that it was approved since they had been managing another facility, Glenn Medical Center, for the last 6 months without state intervention.

Brogan said the primary reason for the lack of approval was paperwork that needed to be submitted by AAMG and clauses in the Glenn agreement.

“These clauses trigger an AG(attorney general) review of the document. State licensing could not approve the agreements until the AG approval is completed,” Brogan said.

The changeover from SWMC to a new facility comes after a 4-1 vote by the district’s board of directors on Aug. 17. AAMG will transition the hospital from short-term acute care with an emergency department to a long-term acute care with an urgent care facility.

The agreement was signed with the assumption that the contract with Sonoma West Medical Center, Inc. would be terminated on Aug. 25 and Sonoma Specialty Hospital would take on management on Aug. 26.

SWMC staff then pushed back the date to Sept. 1. With the new licensing issue, PDHCD staff said they aren’t sure if a transition can realistically take place on that date.

“They are not licensed to manage a hospital,” said the district’s attorney Bill Arnone. “I’m not sure I’m going to ask them to start on the first.”

Board member Jim Horn voiced concern about financial responsibility for hospital operations as the district is currently in contract with both SWMC, Inc. and AAMG. Arnone said the two management companies are in collaboration.

Barbara Vogelsang, SWMC Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Operating Officer, said she would feel more comfortable if the management transition happened on the beginning of a new pay period, Sept. 9.

With SWMC’s bank account dwindling, Horn asked if the hospital could make it 12 more days.

“We will figure it out,” Vogelsang said.

PDHCD board members encouraged SWMC to ask for a loan from AAMG to bridge the gap in transition. No formal financial agreement is known to exist at this time.

Friday’s special meeting will be held in the conference room at SWMC, 501 Petaluma Ave.


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The PDHCD executive director is "spinning" the facts. The simple fact is that she failed to confirm that AAMG could start running the hospital on August 26th. Instead she presented the Board with a "vote for this or close the hospital" ultimatum. At the same time, District legal counsel gives poor advice. Both of these people should be replaced!


AAMG was incorporated about 7 months ago in Delaware.
One of AAMG's mailing addresses is 4120 Dale Rd., J8-140 Modesto, CA 95356. This is an AIM Mail Center. The least they could do is transfer their private post office box to the AIM Mail Center in Sebastopol.

AAMG's Central Valley Speciality Hospital lists the licensee at 1968 Yellow Rose Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95811. Central Valley Speciality Hospital's license expired on 7/18/2018. Note that the Santa Rosa address has a Sacramento zip code. 1968 Yellow Rosa Lane lists the occupants as, "Singh"

The Yelp page for AAMG's Central Valley Speciality Hospital would not encourage you to go there.

Glenn Medical Center is deemed by Non Accredited on the state website. Their license expires in 2 months.

Courtesy of Google.

Consumer's watch

Shouldn't regulators like LAFCO be watching this mess? District management pushes to get their new agreement with AAMG completed, summons the District Board to vote and passes this piece of new business...only to be called back in and advised all the work they did was for naught and management needs a "do-over." This must be "on the job training" never mind the consulting experience of one District counsellor who can't get it right either !!!


But the one thing the District counsel does do right is his own invoicing. He's getting paid a load of District $$$ to basically scratch his head and say, well "technically ..." and proceed with wishy washy advice leaving the Board to interpret the laws on their own. Four out of five can't seem to get it right. Oh, and the ED for the Board is just as bad and she's working hand in hand with counsel.


This is a very late comment, and I'm sure there will be more from our newspaper in the next day or two - public comment at the LAFCO meeting today (9/5) blistered PDHCD. Alanna Brogan, ED for PDHCD put an unbelievable spin on this - she is PDHCD's Sarah Huckaby Sanders - can she really seriously and honestly believe what she's trying to pass off to the taxpayers? The topping on the cake that really made LAFCO sit up and take notice - BODEGA BAY has filed it's Notice of Intention to Circulate a Petition to Detach. Who's next?


A "nice hospital" that needs $12 million in capital improvements. Tae it out back like Ol' Yeller.

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