BEYOND ELECTRONICA — Local musician and video artist Lenkadu has won a Next Level grant from Creative Sonoma.

Forestville music and video artist Lenkadu has won a $3,000 Next Level grant from Creative Sonoma.

According to Creative Sonoma, Next Level grantees are Sonoma County musicians and bands who have demonstrated that they are ready to take their careers to the next level. Grantees will also get 10 hours of one-on-one consulting with music industry experts to help accelerate the impact of the grant.

Lenkadu, whose given name is Lenka Chuldova, said she will use her money to “find a booking agent and a manager to help me with my music and my video show to tour the world.”

“My biggest step now is to break out of only playing Sonoma County and have the support of someone who does it for a living and is good at booking shows and who can stand behind me and help me make it,” she said.

Lenkadu, who found her way to Forestville from the Czech Republic, produces electronic music synched with video.

“I make electronic music where I produce all the beats. I play the drum kit on most of them and different keyboards. I also play the xylophone on most of my recent songs. When I play live, I trigger my computer and I sing and influence my voice, just like it was another instrument. I try to explore different emotional landscapes with my voice.”

“I also make video that syncs to the music … I want to leave room in the music for the image to shine and vice versa.”

Lenkadu said she tries to “create an all-encompassing experience for people — a little vacation from everyday.”

Creative Sonoma’s president Kristin Madsen said the judges found Lenkadu’s productions compelling and felt she was ready to take the next step.

“The peer reviewers felt that Lenkadu has a quirky and engaging visual sensibility that complements her musical style to make compelling video content,” Madsen said. “She demonstrated a strong clarity on how the music business works for artists today and what she needs in order to best navigate to the next phase of her career, which made her a strong choice to receive the grant funds.”

Lenkadu, naturally, was thrilled to receive the grant, but also thought it was apropos.

“The grant is called NextLevel, which is funny because in my mind I’m always thinking, ‘What is the thing I need to get to the next level?’” she said.

Lenkadu has a busy summer ahead of her. She is having six of her recent singles mastered to be released on Spotify in July under the title “Make It Yours.” She’s finishing a music video, “Come Along,” for a July 18 release at the Beats Before Bed afterhours video release party at Lagunitas Brewing Company. She is also planning to travel to the Czech Republic and Sweden to start working on a dance music video.

See her work at lenkadu.com or on the YouTube channel Lenkadu.

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