Defendant Ryan Christopher Moore, 36 years old of Santa Rosa, was sentenced to serve seven years and eight months in state prison on July 17 by Judge Peter Ottenweller after having pled “no contest” in May of this year to an extensive list of crimes including burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, maintaining a drug house, grand theft and fleeing a police officer’s vehicle causing serious bodily injury.

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore, the alleged thief, was booked into Sonoma County Jail on several charges relating to the deputy's accident.

The investigations into Moore’s criminal conduct began in early June 2018 when deputies arrested Moore after a search of his home and person turned up a handgun, an AR-15 upper, a high capacity magazine, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a small quantity of methamphetamine.

Charged with multiple felonies, Moore posted bail and was released pending his case. Just two months later in August 2018, Windsor Police pulled over Moore driving a vehicle with a false license plate. Moore was again arrested and charged with a felony for the illegal license plate use.

Moore posted bail a second time in October 2018 and was thereafter spotted by Sonoma County Sherriff’s deputies as they monitored campgrounds in Bodega Bay after a string of generator thefts in the area. Seeing Moore driving from one of the campgrounds in the early morning hours, a deputy attempted to stop him.

Moore sped away in excess of 90 mph, and the resulting chase led to a collision and serious injuries to the officer. When the vehicle was finally recovered, it was confirmed stolen with another a false plate. Deputies also recovered a stolen generator from the backseat.

Based on the Bodega Bay incident, Moore was charged with his third and fourth consecutive felony complaints. Once again Moore posted bail and was released. On Feb. 17, over $2,000 worth of goods, including a set of golf clubs, was stolen from a residence in Rohnert Park. Police were able to trace the stolen golf clubs to a “Play It Again Sports” where Moore had attempted to sell them.

Based on this investigation, a fifth and final felony complaint was filed, and yet another warrant went out for his arrest. On March 3, deputies spotted Moore while on routine narcotics enforcement patrol. Moore fled on foot and was apprehended.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Scott Uemura and investigated by Detective Scott McKinnon of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Property Crimes Division.

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