Mathew Rose with bike

FIX IT - Sebastopol Library branch manager Mathew Rose shows how it's done.

Next time you roll up to the Sebastopol library on your bike, check out its new self-serve bike repair station, which was installed on Friday, April 19.

The bike repair station, which is located in front of the Bodega Avenue entrance to the library, includes a bike stand, tire pump and gauge, and eight tools, including Allen wrenches and small screwdrivers.

Branch manager Mathew Rose saw a similar bike repair station in Healdsburg and put in a budget request to have one installed at the library in Sebastopol. The Sonoma County Library system went him one better and installed two — one in Sebastopol and one in the town of Sonoma.

 “You can check your tire pressure and pump up your tires here, and there are these cool tools,” Rose said.

“We purchased it from a company called Dero,” he said. “They manufactured it and then worked with city to install it on city property.” (The city actually owns the property on which the library, a county agency, is located.)

“The city was very cooperative,” he said. “This fits right in with their ‘Park once’ and walk or bike around town campaign. They’ve been very supportive of making sure people who have bikes can use them safely.”

“Now everyone can get their bikes in good riding shape in time for Bike to Work Day, which is May 9.” he said.

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