EVENT FOUNDERS — Toltec shaman Francis Rico and Jim Corbett

Sebastopol’s inaugural Peacetown Celebration will take place on Sunday, Sept. 22, the day after the United Nation’s International Peace Day.

The goal of this free gathering, according to its founder Jim Corbett, is to “bring together peacemakers from many disciplines including speakers, poets, musicians, singers and caregivers  — all for the purpose of encouraging the discovery of inner peace and spreading that peace to the greater community.” The local reggae band Un Amour will perform along with Onye and the Messengers and other musicians.

The event is separate and different from the Peacetown concert series that wrapped up earlier this month.

“To me this is the idea of what Peacetown is about. It’s not so much concerts — even though that brings a joyful noise to our community — but it’s more about connecting the hearts and minds of peace-loving people, which there are many more of than those who are interested in war,” Corbett said.

“The energies of war are well organized and well funded,” he said. “So the idea is to bring together the elements of peace to work together because, to me, peace is more powerful than war. A penny’s worth of peace will stop a dollar’s worth of war, but it needs to be organized.”

The event, which runs from 1 to 6 p.m. will be held at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, “kind of a three-ring circus spread out between the main building and the annex and outside,” Corbett said. “In the main building, there will be tabling by local peace and environmental groups, with music and hands-on healing in the Annex and outside.”

Corbett will also be giving out the first-ever Peacetown awards at 5 p.m. in the main building.

“This year we’re going to give it to our Sebastopol City Council, which has been very supportive of the idea of Peacetown. They’re the ones that adopted ‘Peacetown’ as the name of the town back in 2009. And then they’ve been very supportive of the Peacetown concerts and the whole concept.”

Corbett will be giving the first Peacetown environmental award to Mary Munat, known as Green Mary, for her work in making large public events more environmentally sustainable through zero waste practices. Her business, Green Mary, greened over 250 events in 2016 alone.

Corbett said everyone is invited to this new Peacetown event, and he hopes to see a big turnout.

“Just bring your heart and say you are a citizen of Peacetown,” he said.

The Peacetown Celebration happens on Sunday, Sept. 22, from 1 to 6 p.m. at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol.

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