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DAM SPOT — Installation of the Russian River summer dam at Johnson’s Beach is scheduled to get under way this week.

Installation of Guerneville’s summer dams begins this week after a two-week delay owing to unseasonably high flows in the Russian River.

Flow measurements at the Hacienda Bridge “have just reached 400 cubic feet per second (cfs.),” said Russian River Recreation & Park District Maintenance Supervisor John Condon in an email update this week on the installations. “In-water safety is first priority,” for the Rec and Park District installation crew, said Condon.

The higher than usual late June river level is probably owing to above average winter rainfall, higher saturated soils and mid-late May rains, said Condon.

“Delays cost us a couple of weeks, but the crew is moving right along with installations at both sites,” said Condon.

At Johnson's Beach, workers are scheduled to start impounding water on Thursday, June 27, said Condon, with complete impoundment by this Friday, June 28.

Downstream they will start impounding water at Vacation Beach on Monday, June 1, with complete filling by Friday, July 5, said Condon.

Locations up-river from the dams will experience rise in current river water levels this week and next, said the Recreation & Park District update.

“Plan accordingly,” he said. 

Normal summertime flow in the river at Guerneville is approximately 150 cfs.

The two Guerneville summer dams raise the river level by about three feet to improve swimming and boating conditions at Johnson’s Beach and downstream at the Vacation Beach public recreation area.

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