Rotary Teachers of the Year

HERE’S TO YOU — Rotary Teachers of the Year Amanda Reece, Tim Forslund and Julie Aiello riding in the Apple Blossom Parade.

The Sebastopol Rotary Education Foundation handed out its Teacher of the Year awards this month, presenting three outstanding local teachers with awards as well as checks for $1,000 each. The teachers also got to ride down Main Street in the Apple Blossom Parade in a car honoring their contributions to the community.

And the winners are…

Tim Forslund is a Social Studies teacher at Analy High School. Tim took the podium and gave a sincere thank you to Rotary for something it did 20 years ago. Forslund said that he was lucky enough to have taken an opportunity provided by Rotary to travel for five weeks in India as a young man. This trip broadened his horizons and made him a much better teacher with a better understanding of the world. He has traveled much since then but still credits that trip as formative.

Julie Aiello is a kindergarten teacher at Parkside Elementary and has been for many years. She uses innovative techniques and gives individual time and attention to each student. She described sending gingerbread men throughout the world to teach kids about geography.

Amanda Reece was the final honoree. She is a speech pathologist in west county schools. She is a local product, raised up in the local system, and had even been taught by honoree Aiello. She provides speech and language therapy primarily to the most severely handicapped students in west county. She said that teachers don’t work for accolades, but it feels really good to get one.

— Submitted by Sebastopol Rotary

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