Sebastopol Community Center

The Sebastopol Community Center flooded during the February rains. (Submerged trailer in foreground.) The city just learned that it will receive $1.5 million from the state of California to help with flood recovery.

Under the recently signed 2019-2020 California State Budget, the City of Sebastopol will receive $1.5 million for flood recovery.

 On June 28, Assembly Member Marc Levine’s office notified Mayor Hinton and Sebastopol City Hall that the $214.8 billion California 2019-2020 State Budget signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on June 27 included $1.5 million for flood recovery in the City of Sebastopol. The funding is included in the $71 million “Aid to Local Government” in Assembly Bill No. 74, Chapter 23, Section 9210-102-0001 under Local Government financing, item 12.

The budget invests nearly $1 billion in Emergency Preparation and Recovery. According to the press release from Governor Newsom’s office, “Climate change has created a new reality that impacts every Californian, in urban, suburban and rural communities. Governor Newsom is taking aggressive actions to build resiliency, increase response and tackle recovery.”

An item is being drafted for an upcoming City Council meeting to discuss the process for disbursement of funds for flood recovery-related expenses.

Immediately after the flood, Cal OES (Office of Emergency Services) and FEMA conducted a walk-through of the flood area with Mayor Hinton and city officials and worked with city staff to assess damages and estimate recovery costs. Initial estimates showed over $3 million in physical damage to City-owned properties, including:

  • Park Village affordable housing community
  • Sebastopol Cultural Community Center
  • Sebastopol Little League Snack Shack
  • Sebastopol Skate Park restroom

Additionally, the City’s Public Works and Building & Safety Departments incurred over $168,000 in overtime and fuel costs while providing support and making critical flood-related repairs to infrastructure to City-owned properties and the businesses in the Barlow.

Says Mayor Hinton, “This funding makes it possible for the City to continue to provide vital services to our citizens. With all the Community Center programs that benefit the entire community and the supportive services that Village Park provides to homeless or precariously-housed families,  it was especially important to get them back up and running as quickly as possible. City workers rose to the occasion when they were needed, and I’m really pleased that this funding will help ensure that the expenses related to our emergency efforts may now be covered.”

— Submitted by the City of Sebastopol

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