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Sonoma Curious asks readers what local news they'd like to see covered

Sonoma West Publishers is advancing its efforts to enrich and grow our relationship with our readers by launching Sonoma Curious (So Curious, for short), a new feature on our website that lets readers ask questions and suggest news stories they’d like us to investigate.

We believe the very best journalism is the kind that begins with listening, asking questions and including as many viewpoints as possible. We are convinced that our local news conversation must keep expanding beyond just our letters to the editor section or our social media channels. 

Would you like to help us?

  • To participate, go to Sonoma Curious and ask your questions or suggest a story idea.

We will collect reader questions and ask readers to vote on which stories we should cover. We might even ask readers to help with research and fact-finding.

Curiosity is a powerful tool for gaining knowledge. Curiosity can be contagious, and it can be the basis for great collaborations.

We see the end result here as creating a “reader-powered” newsroom. All great places to live benefit from having a newspaper to call its own. There is great power in a free and independent press and we want to share that with our readers.

Sonoma Curious (So Curious) is powered by Hearken, a website-based utility designed to help journalists with crowd sourcing, reader engagement and story development. Sonoma West Publishers is one of a few news organizations that has been awarded a Lenfest Foundation grant to support the local version of the Hearken digital platform. Sonoma West Publishers also is taking part in a national study about the future of journalism through the Community Listening and Engagement Fund (CLEF) supported by Lenfest and the Knight Foundations.

So, what are you curious about this week? Tell us at Sonoma Curious.

-Rollie Atkinson

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