WHAT'S THAT FLAG? — Alexander Schmidtman and his dog Lander fly the firefighter colors.

As the intended audience for the political theater that is the corner of Main Street and Highway 12 on Fridays at noon, drivers may be have been surprised to see one of the folks on the “conservative” side of the street flying an unusual flag: black and white with a red horizontal stripe across the middle.

Having never seen such a flag, this reporter wondered what it meant — maybe you did, too.

“This flag right here is the United States firefighter flag,” said Alexander Schmidtman, who is there every Friday with his dog Lander. “I noticed that it was the flag Friday — every Friday is flag Friday — before 9/11. I thought ‘I have to get out there with this to honor the 400 firefighters that died on 9/11’” he said. “This flag represents all firefighters.”

A similar flag with a blue stripe across the middle honors police officers. 


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