Community Briefs 2020

Pandemic Transformations: Virtual Exhibition, June 6-July 18

The Sebastopol Center for the Arts is presenting a virtual exhibition call “Pandemic Transformations.” Here’s their description of the exhibit: “COVID-19 has forced us to stop as never before. We are living a sea change; our world is in a profound transformation. For this exhibit, artists were asked about their experience of this sea change, how it has impacted their lives, changed the way they view other people and the world, see the future and appreciate things previously taken for granted. A wide variety of experience is expressed through this work, and we hope it will resonate with an audience that is also grappling with a world that changed almost overnight, completely upending the ways in which people perceived and understood social relationships, community and their place in it. COVID-19 is a social trauma as much as it is a medical one — with a jolt, it altered life in myriad ways that are, in some sense, always outside of attempts to describe or explain them.” MORE.

Will Deeths’ local interview show

Check out the Sebastopol Community Center’s new offering: Hillcrest School principal Will Deeths hosts “Nuclear-Free Zone Interviews,” a new series of interviews featuring interesting community members.

National Arts Drive, June 20

The National Arts Drive happens on Saturday, June 20. More than 50 local artists will be participating and will be showing their work in their front yards. Sign up to participate and to get a map to all the west county art sites at

Lecture on California Impressionism, June 25

Check out the Sebastopol Center for the Arts’ monthly series of virtual, interactive art lectures by instructor Linda Loveland Reid. This month: “Impressionism Takes the Stage,” June 25, 1:30 to 3 p.m. California impressionists painted the beauty of our state: ocean, desert, redwoods, vineyards and eucalyptus trees. The artists she’ll discuss include Guy Rose, Grandville Redmond, Joseph Raphael, Colin Campbell Cooper, William Merritt Chase, Childe Hassam, Theodore Wores, architect Julie Morgan and the Society of Six, led by Selden Gile. MORE.

What’s happening at the Sebastopol Area Senior Center?

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center is hosting classes in yoga and balance, support groups, workshops and field trips via Zoom. See the full calendar here:

Hallberg Butterfly Gardens open for self-guided tours

Hallberg Butterfly Gardens is now open to the public for self-guided tours by appointment. (Their virtual tour video is available 24/7). Plant sales will also be available by appointment, please inquire by email.

Sister District’s Auction for Action, June 17-27

Whoever is elected to the state legislatures in 2020 will help draw the next round of district lines. This election could impact the entire decade. Now is our time to add seats in legislatures ahead of redistricting. This virtual auction bidding opens June 17. To cap off the event, we'll host a virtual live auction on June 27, 4 to 5 p.m.

Virtual Poetry Symposium, June 26, 27, and 28

Creative Sonoma has a number of ongoing virtual arts events, including a poetry symposium on June 26, 27 and 28.

Kiwanis Club’s Auction for Education, June 26 to July 3

The Sebastopol Kiwanis Club is proud to present the virtual, online Auction for Education, a fundraiser coming this month dedicated to supporting the community's schools. Read more about the event here:

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