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We are so proud of our students and the education they get at our west county high schools. We’re asking the public’s help in holding onto the quality we now enjoy.

Since 1993 we have financed key programs at Analy, El Molino and Laguna high schools with a parcel tax that our voters steadfastly approve every time it expires.

It expires again next year.

Please help us renew it by voting Yes on Measure B on the March 3 ballot.

“State funding continues to fall short in providing the resources needed to support our schools. Measure B funds are vital to maintaining the quality programs and services our students need and deserve,” said district superintendent Toni Beal.

Vibrant, thriving high schools enhance the community, property values and the local economy.

Measure B will renew the parcel tax for eight more years and increase it from $48 to $79 a year, to adjust for the rising cost of living and a decline in state funding. It will help continue to pay for popular educational and vocational programs currently offered to more than 1,800 students at the high schools. Exemptions are available for qualified seniors, the disabled, contiguous parcels and others.

Support for students, teachers

Over the last several months, with input from staff, teachers, parents and community leaders, the district has prepared a list of programs and activities that require the support of the parcel tax, including the following:

• Keep school libraries open

• Maintain and improve shop, art, music, drama, culinary, agriculture, technology and other career education classes

• Give appropriate raises to teachers and staff

• Improve college preparatory courses

• Maintain small class sizes and counseling services

Money raised by Measure B can not be taken by the state, used for administration salaries, spent on facility improvements or new construction projects or used in any way not expressly approved by Measure B. Annual independent audits are required. Two-thirds of voters must approve Measure B for it to succeed. We are proud to have the endorsement of our West Sonoma County Teachers Association.

High school achievements

Measure B will enable the West Sonoma County Union High School District to continue to provide exceptional education opportunities in west Sonoma County as it has for more than 100 years, as illustrated by these recent achievements:    

• Analy High School in Sebastopol has placed on Newsweek’s “America’s Top High Schools” list five years in a row.

• El Molino High School in Forestville has been honored by the state Department of Education as a Distinguished and Gold Ribbon school more often than any high school in Sonoma County.

• Laguna High School in Sebastopol has been honored six times by the state Department of Education as a California Model Continuation High School.

• The West Sonoma County Union High School District is the highest rated public high school district in Sonoma County and to the Oregon border (, 2020).

Saved by Measure B

Specifically, Measure B will allow the district the option of continuing to offer these opportunities, currently financed by the expiring parcel tax.

El Molino High School 

            Art, four classes                                  

            Foreign Language, one class           

            Band, one class                                 

            Dance, two classes                            

            Culinary, one class                           

            Viticulture, one class                                      

Analy High School

            Advanced art, two classes  

            Foreign language, two classes

            Band, three classes   

            Agriculture, one class

            Photography, one class   

Laguna High School

            Art, two classes          

            College prep math, one class

El Molino and Analy high schools        

            College prep English, math, science,  social studies,

            maintain and improve quality for 13 classes.


            Crisis counselors, 85 % of funding

            Librarians, 73% of funding

            Guidance counselors: 33% and 60% of two counselors

State funding inadequate

The West Sonoma County Union High School District is not alone in having to rely on local financing. California famously underfunds its schools. Two years ago it ranked 45th nationally in the percentage of taxable income spent on education, 41st in per-pupil funding, 45th in pupil-teacher ratios and 48th in pupil-staff ratios, according to a resolution by the West Sonoma County Union High School District board of trustees.

Please join us in voting Yes on Measure B.

Jim Walton, Chairman, Measure B steering committee

Mary Bracken, President, El Molino Education Fund

Loretta and Chip Castleberry, business owners and former teachers

Jim Corbett, “Mr. Music” Foundation

Mary Fricker, member, Measure B steering committee

John Grech, El Molino High School teacher

Leslie McCormick, President, El Molino Boosters

Sue Mobley, business owner

Adam Parks, business owner and President of Analy High School Boosters,

Dennis Rosatti, business owner

Lily Smedshammer, Analy High School teacher

David Stecher, former West Sonoma County Union High School District trustee

Friends of West Sonoma County Union High School District

For more information about Measure B, see To find your voting precinct, get an absentee ballot and get answers to other election questions:

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