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Wow! We have all been 'inconvenienced' by the local and global lockdown, but the gifts that it has brought far exceed the difficulties. For me personally the biggest 'wah-wah' is the cancellation of sports events, like March Madness, the Masters Golf Tournament, the Olympics and the pushing back of the baseball season. How will I survive? And now they have even closed all the golf courses in the county. Grrr!

Guess I'll have to spend time in the backyard with by grandsons pitching whiffle balls or tossing Frisbees. The added quality time with family is probably the best outcome of the quarantine. But there have been so many more. Just locally there is far less traffic on the roads, more neighbors walking in nature, more smiles from everyone as we connect with our eyes and actually begin to SEE one another as equals in this human adventure. I saw a great sign that said, "Kindness is contagious, too.” Spread that around.

On a consciousness level, we now realize that everything you touch leaves some of you on the surface. Doorknobs, gas pumps,  silverware, and everything your hands touch. That's why washing hands regularly, has become a requirement.  As we have distanced ourselves from one another, we now know that we are intimately connected. And this is an equal opportunity virus, without consideration for borders, age, social status, wealth or occupation. You can't buy your way out of the virus.

The virus is affecting the whole world. Every major industrialized country is in lockdown mode. When has that ever happened? Never. And I just read a report that the United Nations has requested ceasefires in all armed conflicts throughout the world. When has that ever happened? Never. This past Sunday, Peacetown suggested that everyone go outside at noon and sing the John Lennon classic, "All we are saying, is give Peace a chance." Looks like that may have been more effective than we would ever have hoped for.

Perhaps, it was the environment itself that caused this emergency. We didn't respond to the warnings of climate change, the firestorms had no lasting effects, and the severe flooding came and went without action. But this virus has stopped everything: trains, planes and automobiles along with commerce, travel and all but necessary trips to the grocery store. All this has resulted in a 40% increase in air quality in less than two weeks of shutting down the machine. Seems like Mother Nature has a way of getting her way! The air is fresher, the skies are bluer, waterways are cleaner and the birds are happier. We found out that the planet can heal itself, if we get out of the way. Thank God.

The best advice I have heard besides isolating and washing my hands regularly, is to take plenty of vitamin C and drink hot water with lemon slices. (Editor's note: the latter is not a cure, but it tastes nice.) Natural prevention is probably the most logical cure. 

The funniest meme of the whole episode is that the most valuable commodity in the world today is toilet paper. If I had only bought two cases of TP last time I was at Costco, I would now be the envy of all my friends. As it is, I'm going to the bank tomorrow and get 100 one dollar bills just in case.

Stay safe. Do nothing. Love your neighbor and lend him a few squares. 

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