Now, I get hundreds of pats on the back for producing these concerts, and, as a applause junkie, I really appreciate the adulation, but I’m really just the “Glue Guy” that sticks all the pieces together. And there are lots of pieces to glue together in this marvelous community project.  But by using the “Ways of Being in Peacetown”, the gluing becomes easy.

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The first tenet is to “Be Kind.” The city of Sebastopol kindly provides a community grant each year, and the Public Works does a fantastic job of putting Ives Park in beautiful shape for the concerts. Several of the councilmembers have been quoted as saying that this is their favorite allocation of funds each year, and they all come out to enjoy seeing their constituents having fun in the sun.

Our local sponsors are the backbone of this event, and I tell them all, “This is your party.” Their kindness and generosity make it all happen. Sprint Copy Center helps us cover some of the printing expenses. Pacific Market supplies us with all the ice we need each week. We get infrastructure help from Recology and Dan O. Davis Demolition. Our set-up, serve and take down crew is my fabulous and incredible Love Choir, who sing while they work. Local banks and downtown businesses contribute dollars and generous raffle prizes each week. We pass the bucket each week, and all of you kindly throw in a few bucks to pay it forward. This community kindness fills the coffers each week and allows us to pay the expenses that run to $4,500 per week.

The second tenet of Peacetown is to “create beauty,” and that is the domain of our musicians, who loving playing at Peacetown because it is a well-paying gig on a Wednesday night with hundreds of happy folks hanging out and dancing to their music. We have a stellar lineup of great local and regional bands guaranteed to get you dancing with rock, blues, cajun, funk, folk, Latin, African, French, Americana bands gracing our stage this year with their talents. Authentic Audio beautifully amplifies the music each week.

Also creating beauty, in a different way, is Lagunitas Brewery, who donates their signature IPA and Lil Sumpin’ to help fund the show, along with the generous local wineries, who help everyone find their happy place. More beauty is created by our food trucks: Gerard’s Paella, Fork Catering and BBQ Smokehouse have become the favorites of Peacetown. And this year, combining kindness and beauty, is the Sunrise Rotary Club, who will be selling their hand rolled tamales, with all proceeds going to fund the Super Playground in Libby Park. That is a huge demonstration of Peacetown love.

“Build community” is the next tenet, and it obviously applies to Peacetown concerts, as all the above elements come together each week for a free party for the whole town. “Love Your Neighbor” and see your neighbor, and meet old friends you haven’t seen in a while.

“Laugh, sing, dance and play” are activities in abundance on Wednesday evening at Ives Park. “Be grateful” that we are all together on a warm summer day, enjoying free music, good food and drink and friendly neighbors.

And lastly, “Be happy,” which is pretty easy to do at the Peacetown Summer Concert series. It is a beautiful place to be. See you there.

Jim Corbett, aka Mr. Music, can be reached at

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