A woman in line at the store lamented she does not like football games, but her husband watches them all the time.

She likes instrumental music and chanting, so when it goes to commercials the TV gets muted and relaxing music or her yoga chanting CD comes on. “It can go back and forth between the game and harp with ocean sounds all night long. Its a strange compromise, I know.”

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians.


“I’m really stressed. I’ve been snorting lavender oil like there is no tomorrow.”


I sometimes run into people I have quoted in my blog but have never met before. One woman I was introduced to recently told me she was quite sure it had been her that said, “I don’t go to yoga to relax. If I wanted to relax I would have a glass of red wine.”

“That certainly sounded like something I would say!” she informed me. “I read it to my husband who thought the same thing. But I can add to that. One of my friends goes to a yoga class every week, and then goes home and is so relaxed she never wants to talk to her family and goes into a room and hides. If anyone tries to speak to her she sends them away. Finally one of her kids said, ‘Mom, why are you so impolite after yoga?’ So she told me she realized as relaxing as yoga is, she still has to go home and be nice to her kids.”


At Community Market: “And folks were getting upset. I was like, ‘Calm down, everyone relax. Chill out. Take some kava kava pills.’“


Three toddlers were on a tire swing. They were having fun and screaming pretty loudly. At one point one of the boys bellowed, “It’s too loud! Everyone stop and take a breath!” All three of them did stop for a minute and took a big breath together. (Then they went back to screaming.)


Facebook post: “Sitting in a chair named ‘Lavender’ eating an ice cream called ‘Witchcraft’ at Screamin’ Mimi’s...”


A worker in a local coffee shop told me she chatted with a couple visiting from the bay area. She asked if they liked Sebastopol. The woman replied, “Yes, it’s a cute little town. But way too many calm people.”


A friend’s previous roommate had been a grower who also loved to use spritzers. My friend told me, “Her car always smelled like this funky combination of lavender and pot.”

Me: ”Well, that would be very... relaxing.”

My friend: ”Yeah, now that I think about it every time I was in her car for more than an hour I always wanted to take a nap when I got home.”


A text conversation between a friend and me while I walked through Whole Foods:

Me: I can understand lavender lotion and lavender eye pillows. But I just walked by lavender almonds.

Her: Seriously?? Where are u?

Me: Whole Foods.

Her: {laughing emoji} I should have guessed.

Me: That could be a good snack when you are hungry and a little agitated.

Her: Ask if they have any chamomile pistachios.

Me: Or kava kava cashews.

Her: Those would be great! For smoothies late at night when you’re also stressed!

Me: I think you may be on to something.


Thank you to my friend Ken for his comments on Sebastoblog:

“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your sign.”

“Sebastopol, where all roads lead to Whole Foods.”

“My spirit guide gives this place three and a half stars.”

“The blog about Sebastopol, where the streets are paved with yoga mats.”

“I miss Sebastopol! My little zen utopia of a town.”

Cami Courtright is the author of Sebastoblog, which can be found at sebastopolgal.blogpost.com.

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