I purchased a new car recently. Last week my niece and I had been talking about kids’ books and second grade recess activities. Then she looks at me with a serious expression. “Is this car a hybrid?”

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians.


Wandering through Whole Foods, a group of children formed a semi-circle around me as I was filling my water bottles. They were singing something to the tune of “Everybody Dance Now.” I thought it was “Everybody clap now...” But as they repeated it, I realized they were singing “Everybody chant now!” I looked up and down the aisle to see a mom or dad, curious as to the origin of this young mob. But no adults were around. It was just a group of Lost Boys and Girls swarming around me. After staring at me for a minute, they moved on to the frozen section, their enthusiasm escalating as they peered into the coconut ice cream section. Still chanting.


During the week of Halloween several years ago, I was in the plaza conversing with a young girl in costume. She appeared to be either a fairy princess or a unicorn. I couldn’t quite tell. There appeared to be elements of both adorning her. I asked what her costume was and she said it was a question. Would she tell me what the question was?

“What do you get when you cross a fairy and a unicorn?” she asked looking up at me.

Well, yes. That is exactly what she appeared to be.


Performing at a local fair:

“We performed an act as Orishas. I was the Orisha Oya. The Orisha of change, hurricanes and tornadoes. When it was my turn to do a solo, I danced with a whisk. I turned in circles and screamed at the top of my lungs. Yes, I scared the children of Sebastopol.”


From blog readers:

“My young daughter went to a daycare in Sebastopol for a while. Now she says things like, “I’d really rather have almond butter than peanut butter” and “What kind of herbal teas am I allowed to have?”

“We had recently moved here from Santa Fe. My daughter was in a play group and suddenly started talking about how she was born the Year of the Rat, and how different that is than other kids in her group who were born the Year of the Ox. Apparently they discuss this quite a bit.”


Wandering around the Farmer’s Market, I heard (presumably) a babysitter say to a young boy: “Well, let’s look and see. If your mom packed snacks, it’s probably cashews and chard and celery sticks. If your dad packed it, then you probably have cupcakes and gummy bears.”

Little boy: “I want some chard.”

Babysitter: “Seriously... that’s your first choice?” Then she muttered parenthetically, “I don’t think I knew what chard was at your age.”


A customer at Community Market informed me: “Most of the families on our street home school their children. They are very into Hinduism and Zen and things like that, so we call it “Om Schooling.”


I was chatting with two siblings who were waiting for their kids yoga class to start. One showed me their lunchbox. “That’s Shiva. It’s a Shiva lunchbox.”

“That does look like Shiva,” I noted. “Do you know anything about him?”

“It’s a her.”

Actually Shiva is a him, but I could see from the depiction how he could be under that impression. “Did you know Shiva is considered the god of yoga?”

They both looked at the lunchbox. After a moment the boy said, “What I really wanted was a Shrek lunchbox.”

“So you like the movie Shrek?”


“Who is your favorite character?”

“Puss in Boots,” he said. His sister nodded in agreement.

They placed the lunchbox on the table and the container depicting the yogi dragon slaying god produced some mango fruit rolls.

“So, I take it you would rather have a Puss in Boots lunchbox than a Shiva lunchbox?” I queried.

“Yeah, but my mom got this for us. She said if we could find a Shrek lunchbox at Whole Foods we could buy it,” he explained. “But we couldn’t find one. So we ended up with this one.”


Requests for “organic” items at Whole Foods:

• Candy canes

• Beer nuts

• Ice cream sandwiches

• Italian soda

• M&Ms

Cami Courtright is the author of Sebastoblog, which can be found at sebastopolgal.blogpost.com.

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