Several children and I were going through the alphabet playing a game that involved food items. I got stuck on K. “I can't ever think of any 'K' food,” I mused.

A young boy looks at me. “Um, kale?”

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians.


I was visiting a family I used to babysit for, getting introduced to a new member who was not yet born when I was around years ago. He is a quiet 5 year old who has been at a kindergarten which his mother described as a very west county, non-mainstream school. When she went to the bathroom, he picked up some chimes and came up to me, noisily clashing them together. Over and over again. His mom came back in the room.

“He’s been doing that all week. They practiced for fire drills at school. He likes those chimes, but he doesn't usually do that so loud,” she explained.

He did it for me again.

After a moment I speculated, “Do you think they used actual chimes when they were doing the drills?”

His mother burst out laughing. “I thought he was imitating an alarm. But at this school ... I didn't think to ask … But it very well could have been ‘fire drills’ with chimes.”


A neighbor of mine: “I get into my car and see the neighbor’s kids painting something on their car. As I back out of the driveway and can see it better, I notice the words “love” and “kind heart” in white against the windows.”


My young niece finds a jacket she hasn’t worn for a while. She informs me there is something exciting in one of the pockets. She slowly reaches in semi-dramatically and retrieves a small bottle of essential oils.


Seven year old boy: “Mom, I don’t want to be a Taurus.”

“I didn't even know you knew you are a Taurus.”

“Wendy told me that's why I'm so stubborn.”

“You don't have to call yourself a Taurus if you don't want to.”

“I want to be something else. What are other Zoo-deck signs?”

“There is Pisces or Capricorn or Leo. You can be a lion or a fish or twins.”

“Are any of them unicorns?”

“Um... I don't believe so.”

“I want to make up my own unicorn Zoo-deck sign.”

“You have my blessing.”


On our way to a friend's house (in my non-hybrid car), my niece asked: “Does she have a Prius?”

Me, amused: “Yes, actually she does.”

Her: “Priuses are good for the earth. Not like this car.”


“Don't worry, this is Sebastopol. His parents will talk to us about this. Parents here don't even give kids sugar without talking to you first.”


A local merchant noticed:

“Today in Sebastopol — A young girl, perhaps 4 or 5 years old, stopped to pet the wolf on the mural. She put her arm around it, pet it and asked what it was looking at.”


A young child says, “I'm watching TV and I’m not allowed to!” pointing to a yoga DVD that is playing in the background. Waldorf kid gone wild.


A couple at Retrograde, talking to their son about all the music festivals he had been to by the age of two.


A Sunday school teacher sent me the following: “We are talking at the end of class about good and evil ... kids saying who is good and who is bad. Evildoers are robbers, thieves, murderers. I practically fell off the chair laughing when a boy says very seriously, ‘The person who built the new CVS.’”


Chatting with a classroom assistant, we end up talking about things she has heard on the playground over the years:

• That’s not fresh turmeric.

• Paint from your heart opening.

• I’m not allowed to have Disney toys. I’m not allowed to even say the word “Disney.”

• There aren’t any spelt English muffins here?

• We only buy clothes at Tribal Fest.

Cami Courtright is the author of Sebastoblog, which can be found at

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