A customer whispers at a local coffeehouse, “That’s not a cheap drink!”

“Yes,” her friend informs her.  “Being vegan is expensive.”

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians

Columnist Cami Courtright with one of her favorite Sebasopudlians.


Overhear at t the bank:

“I forgot and put some sour cream in it.  I added lots of spices to throw off the taste.” 

“Marge is not going to be happy about that.”

“Dessert got a little dairy in it.  So sue me.”


A woman to her neighbor at a potluck dinner: 

“Paleo/vegan/wheat-free diets!  I can't keep track of all of them!”


Chatting at Community Market, I hear about a dinner group in a small neighborhood.  The woman explains to me, “After doing dinners together twice a month for a while we realized there were three very different types of meals.  We had the hometown grill families. We had the hummus and veggie plate families. And then the extreme vegan meals that are usually wheat and sugar free, too. You know, where you're still hungry after. We had to design a system depending on who was hosting.”

She showed me a group email:

D = desserts will have sugar

M = if you want meat/poultry, you have to provide your own

V = if you want vegetarian option, have to provide your own

VP [veggie protein] = protein will be nuts, tahini, tempeh, etc.

NS = do not give children anything with sugar

W = wine only, any fancy health drinks like Kombucha... BYO


A fellow grocery shopper informs me, “I am a good source for addictive vegan chocolate.”


In front of Whole Foods one evening, I was finishing a smoothie when a woman walked by and said in a resigned tone (to everyone sitting on the benches):  “The moment you realize your vegan salad has goat cheese in it.”


Last summer by a food truck at Ives Park during a Celtic concert my friend and I watch as a worker comes out to the board and erases one word.  We realize it was “vegan” from the “vegan mushroom sandwich” on the menu.  We wonder what would cause the sandwich to lose its vegan status and then laugh, as it seemed like such a “you know you're in Sebastopol…” conversation topic.  (As it turned out, they had run out of vegan bread.)


A woman who did a weeklong retreat somewhere in the hills of west county: “Such a lovely vacation. Really delicious food. Although it would have been nice to have an option of doing something without it being healing or meaningfully life-changing. Is it OK to do a walk on the property without having to meditate? Even in town, talking to a cashier about carrots that led to veganism saving the world.”


Local license plates:






Cami Courtright is the author of Sebastoblog, which can be found at sebastopolgal.blogpost.com.

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