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Dissolve the heath district

EDITOR: The Palm Drive Hospital facility has, at last, been sold to Sonoma Specialty Hospital. The final agreement was approved at last Tuesday’s board meeting. Nearly 20 years of bankruptcies, closures, re-openings, political bickering, changes in management and an innumerable number of CEOs is finally at an end. It’s sad, but a relief.

Now however, it seems that the board wants to continue on, awarding grants for various health care needs that are unknown and unspecified and were not in the ballot measure that established the parcel tax. As there was no sunset clause in the ballot measure, this could go on forever, spending taxpayer money with very little oversight. This needs to stop now! There is no more general hospital, there is no ER, there is no reason for the district to exist.

The only responsible, ethical, principled, honest and community-minded duty for the board is to immediately instruct its staff to close out all outstanding business and begin the process of dissolving the district. Nothing else is acceptable.

If you agree, come to the next board meeting and make your views known. It is time to end this for good. Thank you.

David Little


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Mr. Little is right. Even with the sale of the hospital, the remaining debt is enormous. The bankruptcy settlement was $7.4 million and the bond debt is almost $20 million. It is time to shut this district down. Just think how this money could have been used by our West County schools and fire districts.

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