Letters to the Editor

John Necker makes it fun to read about the city council

EDITOR: Returning from evacuation and catching up on my backlog of Sonoma Wests and what a joy to read Mr. Necker’s notes from the city council meeting. While presenting the actual issues being covered, his style makes it hugely readable. He captures that Sebastopol attitude that we are all so familiar with. I would be thrilled to read his takes every week or as often as the council meets, provided he has the fortitude to stand up to the demands of the task.


Buffy Simoni

From the editor: John Necker has been writing Necker's Notes for seven or eight years. That's several years of council meetings! Fortitude seems to be no problem.

Oh so riveting

EDITOR: Just wanted to commend you on your article. (“Changing fire policy shapes battle against Kincade Fire,” Sonoma West, Oct. 31).

It was visually and impactfully written, exceedingly well researched and informative, oh so riveting, and department jargon was simply explained in laymen’s terms. Thank you!

Catherine Johnson

Santa Rosa

More kudos for Kincade article

EDITOR: This is a great article —  informative, well-written and on point.  (Re: “Changing fire policy shapes battle against Kincade Fire,” Sonoma West, Oct. 31). Thank you!

Byron Sebastian

Dry Creek Valley

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