Letters to the Editor

Support young climate activists

EDITOR: The young people in our community are rising up to plead for action from each of us on climate issues. The beauty of their request is that there are so many options: reducing our fossil fuel dependence or meat consumption, working to remove undue influence of money in politics, educating the world’s girls, advocating for clean energy and supporting those who are fighting for policy changes at all levels of society. Each of us can take our next step today and another step tomorrow. We still do have time to prevent catastrophic climate change, but only if we all work together, and each do what we can.

One powerful thing we can do next week is come out to support the students who are leading the way in showing us that we cannot let rigid structures of bureaucracy hold us back from taking needed action. They are asking for our support, but not waiting for our permission, to bring their messages of anger and hope to our cities. They will be leaving their schools and gathering in downtown Sebastopol on Friday, Sept. 20 at noon. Come out and listen.

As a health care professional, I understand the risks to human health posed by unchecked climate change, which is why I will be out supporting the students as they fight for their future. We may find in their voices the energy, passion and belief that we each need to take our own next step.

Kenna Lee


Changes to Cemetery Walk

EDITOR: Yes, once again the Western Sonoma County Historical Society will be offering the 2019 Barbara Bull Memorial Cemetery Walk at Sebastopol Memorial Lawn on Oct. 4 and 5. This has been an annual sell-out event for 17 years! The walk through the cemetery follows a light supper served at St Stephens Church Dining Room and features live skits at several gravesites in the old cemetery. Tea and dessert in the historic Burbank Cottage follow the walk.

There is one important change from previous years. The Thursday night dress rehearsal will not be open to the public this year. This change is absolutely necessary. Last year a very large crowd of well-meaning community folks came to the dress rehearsal — far too many folks to be accommodated on the cemetery paths and far too many people to see and hear the skits. This year, attendance at the dress rehearsal will be by invitation only.

So please, folks who look forward to the annual cemetery walk in Sebastopol Cemetery are encouraged to order tickets at brownpapertickets.com/event/4290773.

Jim Passage, WSCHS Cemetery Walk Chairman


Bike safety tip

EDITOR: I am hopeful that when you have the information part of this event for bike riders (Sebastopedal Green), you will remind them that they are breaking the law when they are on the road and do not stop at a stop sign. We, the drivers, are supposed to share the road. Great, but if we don’t stop at a stop sign, we will get a ticket.

Carol Bullard


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