Thank you for picking up our special section on the collapsing ecosystem of the Sonoma Coast.

We tapped our many local resources to gather the latest information and talked to many active locals to ensure we were covering as much of our ocean’s health as we could fit into eight pages. We talked to scientists, volunteers and those who make their livelihood on the ocean to get the full perspective.

What we found was that every level of life in the ocean has been affected, including our own. From the titanic whale to the smallest of fish, life has struggled to adjust to an ocean changing more rapidly than it has in recorded history. It is sad to see the corpses of animals bloated by plastic or look across a barren underwater rock scape and know it was once a forest of kelp. But only by learning about this disaster can we learn how to reverse it.

If this problem continues, we not only will lose species that we do know, we will lose the opportunity to learn more about the natural state of our ocean. We know so little about our depths that new species and habits are discovered all the time. If the ocean wastes further, we may never have another chance to learn about these novel and important ecological interactions.

We would like to thank the Russian Riverkeeper for its support in this project. We’d also like to thank everyone  — there are too many to name here — who helped us understand and gather this information.

It is our hope that through this work, we can all become more informed and motivated to do more to help our ocean.


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