BLAZING TRAILS — El Molino’s Kazuki Hillberg and Analy’s Jack Cheshier-Fraenkle turned in outstanding performances on Oct. 16 in a pair of North Bay League cross country meets.

Week two of the North Bay League cross country schedule was a good one for west county runners, as Analy and El Molino teams hit the trails in Redwood Division action on Oct. 16.

The Tigers recorded another clean sweep in a head-to-head match-up with visiting Cardinal Newman at Ragle Ranch Regional Park, winning all races contested.

“We had a great, cool afternoon for our meet with Cardinal Newman,” Analy coach Mark Grismer reported. “We had many much better times than last week.”

Meanwhile the Lions also had their share of standout performances in an Oct. 16 visit to Rancho Cotate, with an incomplete girls team the only thing preventing a varsity sweep.

“One of our girls was inactive due to illness, so we were one runner short of a full team today,” Lions coach Mark Fassett said. “But the four that ran gave it everything they had.”

The much-anticipated “Apple Race” will take place this Wednesday, Oct. 23, when the Tigers visit the Lions on the newly revamped Riverfront Park course. The first race is 3:45 p.m.

“We've added a hill loop near the end of the course to increase the challenge for our runners and visiting teams,” Fassett noted.

Below are the varsity results from last week’s meets.

Analy vs. Cardinal Newman (Oct. 16, Ragle Ranch Park, 2.65-miles)

Analy varsity results only

Varsity boys - Analy 20, Cardinal Newman 41

1. Joey Thompson, 15:40.34

3. Jack Cheshier-Fraenkle, 16:20.09

4. Nikolas Brandt, 16:25.44

5. Garin McCormick, 16:30.88

7. Rowan Campbell-Voss, 16:48.91

8. Jedediah Hornback, 16:49.50

9. Austin VanBezooyen, 16:50.59

10. Braulio Juarez-Rico, 16:53.47

14. Aiden Finegan, 17:44.50

Varsity girls – Analy 15, Cardinal Newman Incomplete

1. Carolina Dawson, 18:00.00    

2. Jennifer Orozco, 18:27.94                

3. Maddie Windsor, 18:57.41                

4. Madelyn Christensen, 19:10.97     

5. Hopi Caiazzo, 19:19.44

El Molino at Rancho Cotate (Oct. 16, 2.97-miles)

El Molino results only

Varsity boys – El Molino 22, Rancho Cotate 39

1. Kazuki Hillberg, 17:45

4. Ladarrin (LJ) Gambol, 18:45

5. Drew Giacomini, 18:55

6. Jackson Conger, 19:25

7. Colton Pfann, 19:32

8. Grant Feige, 19:43

10. Kieren Pfann, 19:54

11. Elias Sisneros, 19:55

12. Jacob Cibrian-Gomez, 20:09

13. Luke Grassl, 20:14

16. Alan Carmona, 20:44

17. Zeke Hattaway, 20:54

19. Brett Kellar, 20:59

20. Ted Broome, 21:09

24. Quinn Horak, 21:26

25. Trey Klaus, 21:34

26. Jaxon Konrad, 22:55

27. Anthony Catlet, 23:15

Varsity girls – Rancho Cotate 27, El Molino incomplete

2. Jeanne Broome, 20:52

3. Sienna Fassett, 21:10

6. Sky Flores, 24:52

7. Jade Glentzer, 28:19

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