Investigation continues into Monte Rio bombing

MONTE RIO - An investigation continued this week into a bomb explosion that rocked a quiet Monte Rio neighborhood last week and injured a woman outside her house on River Boulevard.

Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies responded to the house at the corner of River Boulevard and Heller Street about 8 p.m. after receiving reports of an explosion.

Deputies found Parvoneh Leval, 27, with severe injuries to her right hand and arm. She was taken to Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa where she was reported in stable condition.

Sheriff detectives and explosive ordinance deputies responded to the normally quiet residential neighborhood one block east of the Village Inn hotel and resort.

"Ms. Leval, who resides at this residence with her boyfriend, exited her home intending to leave in her boyfriend's vehicle," said Sonoma County Sheriff's Lt. Dave Edmonds. "She observed a box on the top of the vehicle. Ms. Leval moved the box, and it exploded."

The bomb also damaged the car and a wall of the house, said a firefighter who was at the scene.

The residence and surrounding area were searched for secondary explosive devices and none was found, said Edmonds.

Crime scene investigators, including personnel from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, were combing the area last week for trace evidence and other information to assist in this investigation.

"We do not know why this explosive device was placed on the vehicle, nor do we have suspects at this point," said Edmonds, in a prepared statement.

Investigators said they were following up on a dispute that occurred at the house the night before. Two men who knew Leval and her boyfriend, John Robles, came to the residence and a confrontation ensued that resulted in a physical confrontation between Robles and one of the visitors who reportedly is Robles' uncle. Detectives questioned the two men, whom they did not identify, but there have been no arrests.

In response to media inquiries, there is no indication that the incident has any link to any other criminal activities or terrorism, said Edmonds.

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