Healdsburg Community Band

CANCELED The Healdsburg Community Band (HCB) opens its 2020 season with a program of Civil War era music on Saturday, March 14 at the Raven Performing Arts Center, 115 North St. Downbeat is at 7:30 p.m. All HCB concerts are free.

The concert, conducted by Randy Masselink, features compositions from and about the era reflecting the patriotism, battles, courage, reverence, hopefulness, and even celebrations of those difficult times.

Selections include: “The Blue and The Gray Suite,” “The Great Locomotive Chase,” “Shenandoah,” and “Captain Blood’s Quickstep” plus others.

“Although the Civil War was fought in the east, it’s an important part of Sonoma County’s history as well, with many veterans from both sides moving here and creating legacies,” said HCB President David Brandt. “We’re supplementing the musical program with images of local citizens who fought and died in the war or returned and lived their lives out here, to provide historical perspective in an entertaining way.”

The Healdsburg Community Band is an all-volunteer band comprised of about 50 musicians who get together for the joy of making music and serving the community. The not-for-profit organization supports music at Healdsburg High School and at Cloverdale schools with donations, including scholarships and benefit concerts. 

The concerts are free, thanks to support from sponsors, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Band members have a wide range of skill levels, and local residents are encouraged to join if they play or used to play an instrument. 

There are no auditions, but applicants should have basic ability to read music.  healdsburgcommunityband.org.

— Submitted by the Healdsburg Community Band

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