Healdsburg Rotarians

MASKED MEMBERS — A work team of Healdsburg Rotarians recently refurbished the outdoor tables and other fixtures at West Side School and also have been busy on projects at other schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rotary Club of Healdsburg members have taken on new community service projects in recent months. Projects have included refurbishing gardens at the West Plaza Park and Geyserville Elementary School, plus a major restoration of picnic tables and benches at West Side School.

The West Side School project was motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for improved teaching and lunch space out of doors. Rotarians power washed, sanded, stained and sealed 11 picnic tables and three large benches, all of which will be required to achieve social distancing requirements when students return to campus.  Several of the tables were also shored up structurally, tightening and replacing many bolts, requiring several days of additional work.

West Side Superintendent/ Principal Kris Menlove expressed her gratitude for all the work put into making these structures safer for the students, saying “West Side appreciates our partnership with the Rotary Club of Healdsburg. Their service to our students to provide additional outside seating, especially during this time, is greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to our students enjoying lunch and learning activities at these beautiful tables.”

Rotary Community Service Director Fred Roberts was responsible for organizing the work groups into safe, socially distanced teams, and Ric Helthall provided leadership and engineered the structural improvements. Other team members included John Merget, Tricia Fitchner, Graham Freeman, John Avakian, Nita Parker, Don Mitchell, Rick Tang, Jim Westfall and Dick Bertapelle.

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