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According to a release from District 4 Supervisor James Gore, an "all clear" was given from PG&E for the county. 

According to the letter, PG&E will begin the process of turning power back on as lines are inspected, though the timeline for each community could vary and no time was stated from PG&E as to when the work will be completed.

"We can expect highly populated areas to come back on first, potentially tonight. Other areas, especially in the hills, will likely see re-energization tomorrow or into the weekend," the letter from Gore stated.

UPDATE: According to a press release from PG&E, "PG&E initiated a PSPS on Wednesday due to hot, windy weather across its service area. Wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour were recorded Wednesday evening and into Thursday.

"As the weather has improved, an 'all-clear' signal was given on Thursday afternoon indicating the weather had subsided to the point where safety inspections, repair and restoration efforts were able to begin in many areas.

"Safety patrols and inspections, which can only take place during daylight hours, concluded at nightfall for today. Patrols will begin again at daybreak on Friday with more than 6,300 on-the-ground field personnel and 44 staged helicopters. Customers will be restored once safety patrols, inspections and necessary repairs are complete.


"As of 10 p.m. Thursday, PG&E had identified 11 instances of weather-related damage to its system in the PSPS-impacted areas, and the company is working to address these repairs."


Areas where all-clear has not yet been declared include portions of Butte, Plumas and Yuba counties as well as Kern County, where a third phase of PSPS was implemented late Thursday morning impacting approximately 4,000 customers. The weather conditions in Kern County are expected to continue into early Friday.


Customer update

During the period of the PSPS, customers in impacted areas will not be billed, and PG&E has paused disconnection and collection activities in these areas.


Twenty-seven PG&E Community Resource Centers remain open throughout the service area to provide water, phone charging stations, air-conditioned seating and restrooms for customers. Over 3,300 customers utilized the centers on Thursday. To view the full list, click here.


Customers can visit for more information.

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