national health center week

Community Roots — Alliance Medical Centers in Windsor and Healdsburg will be taking part in National Health Care Centers Week Aug. 4 through 10 with free events including food giveaways, health care screenings and other events.

Alliance Medical Centers in Windsor and Healdsburg will hold a week of free events to mark National Health Center Week 2019. The event runs from Aug. 4 to 10, and includes food giveaways, preschool story times and free books and health care screenings.

These events are part of a national campaign to increase awareness of the ways health centers are providing affordable health care in communities. This year’s NHCW theme is “Rooted in Communities,” and events are meant to highlight the ways that health centers are an integral part of the community they exist in.

There are four locations where events will be taking place, plus book giveaways the local library branches: Healdsburg Medical and Dental, 1381 University Ave.; Comprehensive Wellness Center, 1557 Healdsburg Ave., Suite 16; Windsor Medical 8465 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 320 and Windsor Dental, 8499 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 112.

In addition to food giveaways and medical screenings, there will be children’s art contests. For the 5 and under set, they will be coloring a community tree, and for ages 6 to 12, they will be asked to draw their community and answer the questions, “What does your community look like to you and who supports you?”

Pick up and return of the art contest entries can take place at either the Windsor or Healdsburg Medical and Dental Offices. The contest runs from Aug. 5 to 10 and winners will be notified by phone on Aug. 15.

According to a statement from Alliance Medical Centers, this year’s NHCW 2019 will highlight how health centers are at the forefront of a nationwide shift in addressing environmental and social factors as an integral part of primary care, reaching beyond the walls of conventional medicine to address the factors that may cause sickness, such as lack of nutrition, mental illness, homelessness and substance use disorders. Community health centers’ success in managing chronic disease in medically vulnerable communities has helped reduce health care costs for American taxpayers. 

“We recognize that by engaging with community partners we have an opportunity to have a larger and more lasting impact on health outcomes. The delivery of optimal, affordable, and accessible care has a direct impact on the vibrancy and prosperity of the community we serve,” said Sue Labbe, Medical Director at Alliance Medical Center in a statement. “For this reason, Alliance has a responsibility to expand our focus from the exam rooms and into the community. It is important that our community partners understand the value we bring not just to our patients but to the entire community. By making high quality health care accessible to all we ultimately can foster healthier homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.”

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