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Crime stats — A year-to-day analysis of Part I crimes in the last three years shows no across the board upward or downward trend according to Healdsburg Police Department Lt. Matt Jenkins. Some of the larceny (thefts of personal property) categories are up, while others are down.

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Healdsburg Police Department now offering text 9-1-1 services

The Healdsburg Police Department and officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department served an arrest warrant on Aug. 24 for the arrest of two individuals in Santa Rosa who allegedly stole over $8,000 in checks from a Healdsburg Monte Vista Avenue business in July. 

The two suspects, 27-year-old Jonathan Daniel Wright and 23-year-old Haley Michelle Hanselker, were arrested last week on the 1500 block of Aston Avenue in Santa Rosa where they were staying in a motorhome, according to the Healdsburg Police Department. 

On July 20 Healdsburg officers received a report of stolen checks from a local business and over a month later, Healdsburg Detective Craig Smith was able to track down the funds, which were ultimately suspected of being fraudulently deposited and linked to a withdrawal from the suspect’s account.

Upon their arrest last week, the suspects did not initially answer the door when officers announced their presence, according to a statement from the Healdsburg Police Department. After forcing entry, officers located the suspects in the bedroom area of the motor home. 

During a search of the residence officers found approximately an ounce of suspected fentanyl, packaging material, a digital scale, drug paraphernalia, counterfeit money, suspected fraudulent identification and financial information and several edged weapons (which can include knives, machetes, axes or swords).    

According to the Healdsburg Police Department’s post on Facebook, “In addition to violations for the original fraud investigation and the items located at the time of the warrant service, Jonathan Wright also had an outstanding warrant for a prior drug related violation and was on parole.”

A year-to-day analysis of Part I crimes — crimes such as robbery, homicide, rape, aggravated assault, burglary, stolen vehicles and arson — over the past three years shows no across the board upward or downward trend according to Healdsburg Police Department Lt. Matt Jenkins. Some of the larceny (thefts of personal property) categories are up, while others are down. 

So far in 2020, Healdsburg has seen four robberies, 16 cases of aggravated assault, 31 cases of assault, 17 cases of burglary, 76 cases of larceny and 17 stolen vehicle cases. 

Jenkins said economic downturns have been cited in some studies as being linked to an increase in crime, however, it might be too early to point to a specific reason for upticks in certain crimes. 

You can now text 9-1-1 

The Healdsburg Police Department is now offering a text to 9-1-1 service for residents to report emergencies who are deaf, hard of hearing, have a speech disability, or for those who cannot safely call 9-1-1 in a dangerous situation. 

According to the department, dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency is still the preferred way to request help, and the public is being reminded to “Call if you can, text if you can’t.” 

“For most people, sending a text to 9-1-1 will not replace making a call. Appropriate scenarios for texting 9-1-1 could include:

• Deaf, hard of hearing callers or individuals with a speech disability

• The caller is unable to speak due to a medical issue or other condition

• When speaking out loud would put the caller in danger, such as a home invasion, an abduction, a domestic violence incident or an active-shooter scenario,” a post on the Healdsburg Police Department’s Facebook page states. 

A text to 9-1-1 requires a cell phone that has the capability to send text messages and location services must be enabled. While the service is currently only provided in English, other language services are in development and will be implemented as soon as it's feasible. The text system also still cannot receive videos or photos. 

When texting 9-1-1 in an emergency, be sure to include clear information about the location and city of where the emergency is taking place and what type of help you need, police, fire or medical. According to the police department, providing this information is important because emergency personnel cannot always determine your location. 

Also be prepared to answer questions and follow any instructions from the 9-1-1 call taker. Texts should be brief, easily understood and should not contain any emojis, abbreviations or slang. Say on the line until the dispatcher dialog if it’s safe to do. 

Other reminders about the text system include, “You cannot include 9-1-1 in a group text or while roaming. Don’t forget to silence your phone if you don’t want to be heard and do not text and drive.” 

The police department notes that the text system does have limitations as it only works in cities that provide the service and unlike a voice call, text messages are not real time communication and messages may be delayed or received out of order. 

For more information about Text to 9-1-1 services in Healdsburg, contact Sgt. Luis Rodriguez at 707- 431-3164 or lrodriguez@ci.healdsburg.ca.us.

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