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Thank you — To thank south Healdsburg businesses for their perseverance during the road closure from the roundabout construction, the city is closing Healdsburg Avenue.

To thank south Healdsburg businesses for their perseverance during the road closure from the roundabout construction, the city is closing Healdsburg Avenue.

This time, it will only be for five hours and will allow for a celebration that includes aerial acrobatics, sidewalk sales and more.

“We’ve been working with area businesses on some kind of community event since, more-or-less, the first part of the year,” the city’s Recreation Supervisor Matt Milde said. “City businesses want the public to know what’s down there, to let them know that they’re open and that there are great things on that side of town.”

The South of the Plaza Open Street Fair will take place Saturday, June 1 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will close Healdsburg Avenue from the roundabout to Matheson Street.

“There are lots of small businesses on this end of Healdsburg Avenue that were greatly impacted by the roundabout construction and this is just to get people down to see what’s available,” Chamber of Commerce President Carla Howell said.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s going to bring a lot of business to the south end of town,” said Linda Farwell, an agent with Marquis Farwell Homes, which is part of Sotheby’s International Realty, a sponsor of the event.

All other entrances and exits of the roundabout will remain open and Milde said detours and police direction will be set up to help motorists navigate around the event.

In order to bypass the event coming from Highway 101 north on Healdsburg Avenue, taking either the Mill Street or Vine Street exits at the roundabout should add a minimum time. From Mill Street, make a left onto Center Street until the Plaza, whereafter Healdsburg Avenue will be open again. Vine Street can be taken until North Street, a right turn there will lead back to the main drag.

Those living on the north end of town may wish to take the Dry Creek Road onramp to get on the 101, but that is also the normal route for many living there.

Milde said that the city expects minimal impact to traffic as a result of the closure.

“Basically, it’s going around the block,” Milde said.

The road closure will also affect visitors staying at hotels in the area. Both h2hotel and Harmon Guest House offer valet parking on site, which will be moved to the city-owned lot to the west. Those using this service have been informed by respective hotel management, according to Milde.

“We’re making sure the communications are out there and that we are working with the hotels to make sure valet issues are being taken care of,” Milde said.

Businesses included as sponsors and event demonstrators are h2hotel, Harmon Guest House, La Crema Tasting Room, Healdsburg Sotheby’s International Realty, Paul Mahder Gallery, GrapeSeed Wines, the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce and The Healdsburg Tribune.

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